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Rex Steven Sikes | Unique Approach | What is NLP?
IDEA Seminars Unique Approach to Training

To provide you with the best training available, you will find a number of unique characteristics of our training programs:

1. Customized Training to Meet Your Specific Needs

You will always have one main trainer teaching the entire course. Guest trainers and assistants are used, but you will always have one trainer with you throughout the program. One main trainer is important because then he can adjust to group needs. He will spend more time on one subject, and less on another depending upon the group's speed. This format also allows the trainer to be able to get to know each student's needs and be able to meet those needs in a more thorough fashion. This is the only way to guarantee a high quality experience for each student. If you are interested in getting experience from a variety of trainers, go to a conference. At a conference you can pick up a little bit of information from each teacher. "When you really want to learn the skills and make them a part of your life, come to IDEA Seminars where the training format is designed around YOUR needs, rather than a standard format."

"When you really want to learn the skills and make them a part of your life, come to IDEA Seminars where the training format is designed around YOUR needs, rather than a standard format."

2. Whole Mind/Whole Body Learning

Throughout the training, you will take part in a series of simple, fun and enjoyable physical exercises that enhance whole-brain learning by using cross-lateral movements. These movements enable you to access those parts of your brain previously inaccessible. They assist in spelling, writing, listening, reading and comprehension. It also improves left/right coordination, breathing and stamina, coordination and spatial awareness, hearing and vision.

Statistical research has shown that movement, especially those that cross the body's lateral midline, have positive effects on learning. Cross-lateral movement has been discovered to stimulate, release and relax students, as well as assist them move through learning blocks. Contralateral movements are effective because they stimulate the receptive as well as the expressive hemispheres of the brain, facilitating integrated learning.

3. Choice is Freedom

From IDEA Seminars point of view, NLP is about adding more choices to our lives, not about adding more rules. Participants reach a point in every training where they have learned to exercise personal choice in their lives. When they achieve this level of learning, their entire world opens up and they learn what it is like to have pure freedom. They realize they are no longer imprisoned by their past thoughts and feelings or by other's words or actions. We teach people this because we firmly believe in the old adage: you can give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a lifetime

4. Self-Change vs. Therapeutic Techniques

NLP is famous for the therapeutic techniques like the phobia cure. Unfortunately, many of the techniques are meant to be performed by a therapist on a client. Many people searching for their own solutions come to NLP training only to learn how to do techniques with other people rather than how to make changes in their own life. Realizing this, IDEA Seminars has developed a training design, known as Mind Design™, that allows our students to learn NLP in the context of self-development and self-change, rather than learning it to do a technique on someone else. We have spent years developing Mind Design™ to allow students to use the principles and concepts of NLP for their own personal growth.


You'll also benefit from our new Mind Design (TM) system. No one else has it. Perhaps that's why no one else is consistently getting the results our students get (see student evaluations under "The Experience"). Mind Design (TM) is based on brain-based, accelerated learning, and Linguistic Suggestions to "pre-expose" your brain to concepts before they're taught to you. It will enable you to acquire new behaviors more quickly than ever before and keep them for life. It really works!

Another very, very big mistake that other seminars make is when they present information piece by piece in a linear (i.e.: boring), step-by-step fashion. They are unknowingly doing a great disservice to their students. This is a terrible mistake because there is no "puzzle" for the brain to figure out. So the brain goes "O.K. I get it", and acquires the information, but does NOT integrate the skill into your daily behavior. And this information is quickly forgotten, because the brain did not have to think a little to figure it out.

"You'll have tons of fun, yet be challenged rigorously to stretch yourself and grow tremendously."

With Mind Design (TM) you will discover how to easily and quickly move through moments of confusion. This will help you absorb the information like a sponge, and use the information so it becomes part of you. In addition, you'll now have a system to learn anything more quickly and enjoyably. Whether it's figuring out how to program your VCR, learning a new software program, or absorbing all the information there is on a given subject, such as NLP.

Asking the right questions are critical in all training environments. Questions cause the brain to search for an answer. Once a question is answered the brain shuts down, because there is nothing left to search for. The puzzle is solved! That's why with Mind Design (TM) your questions will be answered in a way that causes your brain to keep searching, thus keeping the brain open to learning. You'll also learn a questioning process that you can use on yourself, to direct your brain to create all the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that you now want to have.

You'll learn the principles and methodology behind the techniques. This way you can whip up a technique any time you want one. You get to be the architect of your brain. You'll be able to design whatever you want, rather than following someone else's formula. To only teach techniques is extremely limiting, because you only have one way of doing something. This is what's happening when you hear people saying "What Do I Do When...?". Wouldn't it be great to have many different options available in your NLP Tool Kit? Only then will you become an NLP Artist, someone who always knows what to do or say next.

An article about Mind Design (tm)

6. Free On-Line Support -- IDEA Family Internet Discussion Group

Because you will practice and use the material in your daily life, questions may pop up from time to time. Instead of struggling with the question on your own, just log on to your internet account and download the IDEA Family Internet Discussion group, a PRIVATE group of IDEA Seminars students and home study users. Here, you will be able to address any question to the group or to Rex Steven Sikes himself. You may also use the group to stay in touch with your classmates from all over the world.

Note: If you are not already a member of IDEA Family, and you have purchased the home study course or have taken an IDEA Seminar, e-mail train@idea-seminars.com to find out how to join.

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