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About IDEA Seminars

Finally, An NLP Training That Focuses On Practical Skills, Rather Than Outdated Techniques For Therapy.

You'll get practical skills when you decide to attend our seminars, or when you buy our tapes and books. Skills that you'll use automatically to tremendously improve the quality of your life. Skills that will help you to get whatever you want in your life -- abundant prosperity, wonderful relationships, vital health, unbelievable happiness and anything else you can imagine!

It is an unfortunate tradition that most NLP training is focused on teaching techniques for therapy. This is fine for therapists, but what about the rest of us? It can be difficult, if not impossible, to perform these changes on yourself. Running NLP techniques on yourself can be like a dog chasing its own tail! For example, it is difficult to elicit your own strategy while using your own strategy... or watch your own eye accessing patterns... or calibrate yourself! Instead of learning how to run techniques (which you can just get from a book anyway), wouldn't you rather learn practical skills that allow you to get more of what you want in life?

Which would you prefer? Old techniques OR the new cutting-edge tools that allow you to effect these changes on yourself, in any situation, and whenever you need them most?

IDEA Seminars was founded by Rex Steven Sikes in 1991 to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the benefits of NLP through a hands-on, skill-based method of discovery. You'll get this practical method in addition to the traditional practitioner and master practitioner skills. Ironically, many therapists attend our program to do work on themselves.

Because of our unrelenting desire to bring you the most cutting-edge tools, every program becomes better than the last one. Perhaps that is why so many of our students come back over and over again to attend future seminars!

Read our student evaluations (every single student is included!) if you're not yet totally convinced that you'll get the most progressive NLP training at IDEA Seminars.

Most trainings are done in a slow, boring, lecture-style format. Just like you were in school again. You are almost guaranteed to forget 99% of what you learn when it's presented in this way. But IDEA Seminars are different. Every program is an amazing event. You'll laugh hard and have tons of fun. You'll play like a kid again. Studies show that in this environment you will retain much, much, more of what you're learning.

Our unique approach to training is individually customized to each new group of participants. Your trainer is constantly observing your progress, to keep the program totally geared toward your individual needs. Class size is kept small to ensure your personal attention. Read "unique approach" to see all the ways you'll benefit by attending our programs.

(Be sure to check out Unique Approach to find out about our exclusive Mind Design (TM) technology that will change you forever.)











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