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Rex Steven Sikes | Unique Approach | What is NLP?
What Is NLP?

NLP is a unique synthesis of cybernetics, neurology and linguistics that offers you practical methods for rapid personal improvement. In short, NLP is how to run your brain to achieve the results you desire. It is NOT about how people have problems or any kind of personality theory. There is nothing esoteric about NLP. It's just about using what works and not using what doesn't.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Neuro stands for our neurology (the brain/mind), through which our experience is processed via the five senses.

Linguistic refers to language, both verbal and non-verbal by which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning.

Programming comes from the computer metaphor and refers to the ability to discover and utilize the programs that we mentally run.

The essence of NLP is Modeling. Modeling is being able to extrapolate what someone does well and strip away the rest.

It is about finding the least number of steps to achieve the same exact result.

"I have been through quite a few personal growth seminars and other NLP related seminars. In each of these seminars I learned a lot about myself and life. I feel I am growing all the time, become more resourceful, stronger, wiser and having many different level of breaking throughs in these seminars. But, this one is different from all the seminars I have been.

I feel I have really got what I wanted all the time, that is, a sense of freedom, joy, love, happiness just to be myself. It's like I freed my soul."

--Xi Chen, Milpitas, CA

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