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Training Philosophy

Today's marketplace is changing overnight. Having good technical knowledge just isn't enough. Precise and persuasive communication is the key to the future.

Your employees need competence, not just confidence.

Productive and enthusiastic employees are not made in a half day motivational seminar. They learn to become productive by developing solid, new skills that adapt easily to a rapidly changing world.

Motivational training doesn't cut it.

Most training programs are busy selling you on the "6 steps to sales success" or the "106 keys to success". They make you passively sit, listening to them drone on and on, while you take lots of notes. The information may be good, but rarely do employees put it into actual practice on a daily basis.

Rex helps you build skills.

Rex Steven Sikes' (business consultant and trainer with over 20 years experience) main focus is building skills, NOT giving you the information that you can get in a motivational seminar, book or tape program. His training methods are tried and true and they work!

Rex will train you "how-to", with plenty of hands-on exercises.

Rex's programs are 93% interactive: exercises and role playing. This way you become skilled in the material BEFORE you leave the classroom so that you can apply the methods and techniques right away.

Rex's training is concerned only with results. He presents NO THEORY. You will receive hands-on skills training. We don't want you to believe it, we want you to DO IT! If you learn and practice the skills and strategies, you cannot fail!

On-Going Support

If you or your employees ever have a question about anything covered in a training or coaching session...ever...just give Rex a call or write to him. Rex will answer your question and/or coach you through any situation you like.


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