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Send Your Employees to IDEA Seminars for Training

Choose this method for these reasons:

1. You will be putting the employees into a new environment, away from the office, with new people to interact with. This allows them to break free from well-established patterns of communication in the work place and experiment with new strategies uninhibited.
2. It can be more cost effective for you, depending on what your needs are.

IDEA Seminars Public Training Programs

NLP Practitioner Training
This program, like many of IDEA Seminars public programs, attracts people from all over the world; from the U.S., England, Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, and Brazil. In this course, you will immerse yourself fully in the ultimate NLP education, the most in-depth training for those new to NLP. You will learn all of the basic skills necessary to use NLP with expertise in the workplace: how to associate positive feelings to yourself and your product, get rapport with others within seconds, powerfully influence others, set goals that WILL come true, and much more.

NLP Master Practitioner Training
This challenging and rigorous program is for those already certified as an NLP Practitioner and is designed to invoke superior levels of skill in the student. This program will multiply your competence, deliberateness, control and effectiveness so that you become a living demonstration of a master of NLP.

Trainer's Training
We've all been to yawn-inducing lectures or sales presentations, haven't we? This course will transform you into a dynamic, charismatic and exciting speaker. It make use of the most advanced NLP and accelerated learning principles to expand your ability to provide incredible experiences for your students or audience.

Various 4-Day Weekend Training Events
See our schedule of events.


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