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Full Index of Student Evaluations
2000 NLP Master Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) immense patience, caring, personal attention, uncanny expertise at pacing, acknowledging & leading to create rapport, funny, extremely flexible.

Being a person with pretty high expectations of myself and others, some people consider me hard to please. But somehow through some process I don't fully understand, I got what I came for on the very first day -that holy grail of NLP literature-the attitude. Sure, my prac teacher talked about it, and maybe he has it for himself. But for whatever reason it wasn't until I got to Cedar Valley and got involved that I truly started to notice a profound shift in my experience, so that I could truly begin to share it with those around me.

More than any other trainer that I know of, Rex makes sure you get the personal changes necessary to make using any of the NLP cookbook techniques not only possible, but enjoyable. He doesn't just talk about fun & attitude, nor does he keep it all for himself. Rex shows you how to do it for yourself.

As for my fellow classmates, it is a fairly self-selecting group. We had so much fun beating each other over the head during breaks with whatever we had done in the exercises, that the fun spilled over and back into the classroom. And we all also supported each other in other ways, by sharing other areas of expertise such as GFT & Reiki, and by just generally offering to assist each other to stay in an optimal state for learning."

Jason McKenzie, Unix System Administrator, Austin, Texas

"(Rex is) warm, compassionate, observant, highly skilled, funny, intelligent, energetic, demanding and generouse.

I had high expectations of this course. Much because all positive testimonials on the net. The course is dense and you really stretches yourself, which really means you feel it was worth much more than its price. The experience of accomplishing so much good change in so little time is a real thrill. You develop new useful skills, sharpen your goals, and all with a laughter. I definitely recommend this course to anyone that dare to make a real change in your Life."

Per-Eric Olsson, Project Leader, Sweden

"(Rex is) a master teacher. I've been studying NLP for 3 years intensely. I read all major books about NLP & Ericksonian hypnosis. And I'm using in my business. But here, I just realized that I learned the pieces well. Here, I integrated them, digested them and started to UNDERSTAND them. And I LIVED them.

Thanks Rex, you showed the missing connections."

Tamer Dovucu, Business Consultant, Turkey

"(Rex is a) master of all the skills he teaches and a great trainer. He has a real talent for stretching and challenging you to move beyond what you might have thought possible.

My second IDEA Seminars training and just like the first a wonderful experience. Rex teaches more than just the tools and techniques he teahces an attitude to life and a way to grow and get more of what you want. The training in general and Rex in particular challenges you to move past what may have previously been a limitation to a place where a whole new set of possibilities opens up. I've had a terrific 10 days, met a great bunch of new friends and haven't laughed so much for years. I sincerely recommend this course for anyone interested in personal growth and will certainly come back for more!"

Bob Winfield, Manager, Baltimore, Maryland

"(Rex is) great communicator. Wonderful person, energetic, confidence, and with incredible abilities to teach.

The program met my expectations, and more than tools and knowledge gave me a new, fun and wonderful way to explore my mind with the final objective of being a better person to myself and with all the human beings, respecting their values, maps, experiences and use them as opportunities to learn. Life is really grand!!!"

Carmen Galvan, Director, Caracos, Venezuela

"(Rex is a) change agent, able to elicit same, and the patience and focus to get result.

Want to reach someone? This is how."

Larry Earle, Canada

"This is one of the most beneficial course I have ever taken, the most bang for my buck yet. It has help me in many different ways, it has been a holistic and glorious experience for me, one I will never forget. I hope to live the experience in my life."

Ken Davis, Computer Specialist, Richmond, Virginia

"Rex is completely sold-out to changing the world one person at a time. It takes enormous amounts of energy to spend 10-12 hours a day teaching & persuading us to believe that change is possible and Rex just gives & gives & gives & gives with delight and fun.

I had some concern returning to IDEA Seminars for Master Practitioner only 3 months after Practitioner, but those concerns were unnecessary. As I exited the freeway, I immediately experienced a flood of positive energy and breathtaking beauty.

Once in Cedar Valley it felt like 'home' again. Waiting for me were some friends from Practitioner's that stirred up an overwhelming joy. I thought at this point my heart could hold no more, but over the next 10 days my capacity was increased hundred fold and more.

As I began to connect and build incredible new friendships, I received so much more. New insights, awareness and revelations that I will carry with me forever.

My heart had to stretch way beyond all the limits and restrictions I had set up. In each attempt to give back what I had received, I was once again flooded with so much more.

Now I am so full inside with great joy, hope, confidence, steadfastness, and peace that I am unable to control the flow. I anticipate taking this into my world and just letting it continue to fill all the dry, thirsty and empty hearts I meet.

Come, seek and find what you need."

Christine Pawlak, Court Reporter, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) sharp as a knife, a good speaker & listner, a generous feeling person. He is also crafty and sneaky in teaching techniques. Before you know it he just taught you something hugely important without saying a word.

This is an amazing program. Its very obvious that Rex & Carolyn have put a great deal of thought into the design & structure of the course, and Rex's teaching style makes it very personal and natural. Not only was there new techniques and attitudes taught but also the all important connected between them. I recommend this course for anyone who has had some NLP training before but wants to go beyond their current skills, learn new material, exercise them in the class room, and apply them in the real world. A massive massive added bonus is the amount of development, growth, and laughter you will experience with Rex. You will find yourself using the skills naturally, and confidently by the end of the course. Rex pays very close attention to student progress and will give of himself selflessly to help you through any difficulties you may have, even late into the night.

In a word…amazing."

Ron Thornton, Designer, Valencia, California

"Between the Prac & Master Prac I have unlearned what I had learned allowing myself to join the 'conspiracy of ectasy.'"

Steven Breda, Consultant, Denver, Colorado

"(Rex is) comforting, approachable, not just a teacher but a good friend, funny, playful, curious, accepting, challenging.

When I first began to learn NLP, I learned from 'the books' that it was about helping others out of places where they did not have their own answers. But I needed something more. Not only did I have the 'book smarts,' but I also thought that meant I could use it. I could. However, why was I able to help others, but still have troubles of my own where I got stuck. It was because I didn't have the skills for true self-change.

Those skills such as a ravenous attitude of respectful curiousity. A driving inner fire to truly energize others and make life, all of life, good and new for them as well as myself.

Rex's training is a masterfully orchestrated array of knowledge which affected everything I saw and heard. If you don't want just an adequate training, but one where you learn to feel your body, mind and spirit move in ways totally in line and congruent with who you are, you can't afford to not be here. You are in control! Go first!"

Gene Bryson, Assistant District Attorney, Shreveport, Louisiana

"If you're like some people who want small class size and more one on one attention from the trainer, then THERE IS ONLY PLACE TO GO -IDEA Seminars!!"

Jim Rapson, Landlord & Salesperson, Houston, Texas

"(Rex) is like a magician.

This group was international. There were peoples from USA, England, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Venezuela, and everybody didn't have good skills in English. But everybody managed the seminar very well. We all spoke the same NLP language."

Timo Katajamaa, Reindeer Man, Ivalo, Finland

"(Rex is an) excellent communicator, expertice, very perceptive person, excellent model.

When I came to Idea Seminars I wanted to improve my skills to make therapy and be a good trainer and suddenly! I found myself making a review of all the behavioiers I had before I came here.

Everyday, I was touched by Rex in one or other way.

May be yet, I have to learn and practice a lot to be an expert speaker and trainer, but I am sure of something

'My life is not going to be the same than before, because now I know that I have all the resources I need to make my choices and Tex has taught to me how to use them in such a wonderful way that now I can do of my life something really delightful.'

Thanks for ever."

Clara Josefina Mendoza de Falcon, Consultant & Trainer, Venezuela

"(Rex is) the best teacher of NLP I have ever experienced. He uses what he is teaching you while he's teaching it. So you can learn twice as much.

My experiences that I have had will be with me for the rest of my life. The training changed the way I see the world and deal with anything that puts me in an unresourceful state. I'm a better happier person. Its amazing what 10 days w/Rex can do for you. Be prepared to learn through laughter. Be ready to, after only 10 days, be able to be a Master Communicator excited to take on the world.

The Master Prac course opened up my awareness in myself and others. When you leave the training you are extremely confident of your NLP skill because you model some of the greatest communicator and practice & practice all your new and old skill everyday.

I think my best experience is being with 14 other people who want to learn more. This causes you to use all your NLP knowledge all day everyday especially outside of the classroom, sitting around just talking.

I did know anyone else that knew anything about NLP so I never had another resource to learn from. I now have built relationships that will last a lifetime. The friendships you build over a 10 day period is so amazing you will wish the training was longer."

Kelli Krueger, Trainer, Waterloo, Iowa

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