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2000 Ultimate 4-Day Personal Growth Experience
Class Evaluations

(every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) confident, direct, concerned, helpful, in touch, competent, compassionate, intelligent, a coach.

I have attended other personal growth seminars & done at-home tape programs. I found that Rex helped me reinforce things I have learned before in addition to learning new resources to help me grow. I gained a greater understanding of myself and how my mind works, and with this insight I hope to teach my friends at work some new techniques to help them learn & grow. Rex really broke down problems into easily tackled puzzles that help us reach our goals as opposed to just obstacles in our path. I am confident that I will use what I've learned in my personal & professional life, and I look forward to it! Thanks for your help! Thanks to Eric, too!"

Marie, Director of Animation, Valencia, California

"I've known Rex and Carolyn for some time, and have had experiences with them, both personally and in my company. This program was different, because it was a much deeper personal experience. Rex has a gift for giving, in a very unique way."

Tom Caldwell, Executive, Madison, Wisconsin

"My experience with Rex was one of fun. Very relaxing. Someone who's very positive. He makes it easy to learn. He's easy to talk to.

The time for me went very fast. I had a lot more fun than I expected. When my husband returned from seeing Rex, he was always so positive and happy. I new I wanted to try this.

You cannot come away without feeling good and with a strong attitude. You will defenatly bring new idias into your life, and return with so many more new tools and better feeling about yourself.

It's worth it!"

Karen Thornton, F/X Artist in Film, Los Angeles, California

"Wow! He truly loves what he is doing, and it shows! He really listens and cares about helping other gain more positive attitudes!

This program enabled me to discover new approaches to situations and problems in a more positive attitude. There are new 'tools' and exercises of the brain that I will be able to take back to California and practice daily to use in everyday life and situations.

I really wished the seminar lasted longer to keep learning and learning more, but now it is up to myself to keep practicing and to condition my brain to keep up practicing what I have learned to keep all that I have learned growing."

Sherry Hitch, Visual Effects Supervisor, Valencia, California

"(Rex is) very caring, understanding & attentive.

I was expecting more from this workshop. A lot of information was written in the internet about this workshop, but I find it shallow -I need more info specifications and exercises. I would like an in depth information. I have not heard a lot of questions from the attendees."

Anwar Al-Sabah, Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, Kuwait

"(Rex is) 'a genius in his own right.' One of the pioneers of our era, the era of the brain, not the era of the braun.

If you are interested in a plethora of tools that would catapelt you to fast forward in any aspect of your life, be that your professional, social, or personal life. Then immerse yourself in this course/seminar. Observe everything that Rex shows you, listen attentively, do the exercises, and experience unique, subtle, and profound changes, changes you didn't expect to happen so easily and quickly.

You will instantly realize that these 'power' tools are available to you at will, whenever you need them and wherever you are."

T J McPikklet, Fashion Model, Detroit, Michigan

"(Rex is) excellent teacher. Good at shepharding people into the activities and good layout for the program. Kept my attention & energy level up during the program. Very good at introducing the concepts and putting them in understandable terms.

Excellent program. A lot of great techniques for helping focus the mind and shift negative thought patterns to positive patterns. After concepts are introduced there is plenty of time to practice the techniques with other members of the group. The atmosphere is fun & lively and Rex is an excellent facilatator. A number of useful tools for improving your outlook on life that can be used on a daily basis as instilled. Highly recommended."

David Young, Vernon, Connecticut

"Rex was Relaxed, focused, and confident while presenting the workshop.

I had a wonderful experience! I was able to practice NLP exercises and get
a better understanding about how they work, and when to use them. I also
experienced what it was like to be in a fantastic mood 24 hours a day and
how to use mental flexibility to create the life I desire.

Quick learning is an understatement! It seamed that by the end of the
workshop the knowledge and experience was magically present in my mind. I
would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning the
basics of NLP and wants to have an even greater experience that will change
their life for the better.

Needless to say I have applied all of the techniques and philosophy into my
life and practice them on a daily basis. I also use the MotivAider to
consistently ask myself powerful questions. Thank you for the introduction
of the powerful device."

Joshua Bloom, Coach, Alexandria, Virginia

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