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Full Index of Student Evaluations
2000 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) wonderful!

Before the course, I was a bit concerned reading about how much 'fun' it would be. I am a software engineer, and I didn't just want a 'feel-good' experience that didn't really teach me a lot. What I did want was a powerful and effective set of tools for personal transformation.

What a wonderful surprise! I got everything I wanted and more -and had so much fun it has changed my view of learning. The course is very well structured and skillfully taught. Rex is a wonderful teacher, and I whole heartidly recommend him."

Garry King, Software Consultant, New Zealand

"In some maybe mysterious or magical way you find yourself wondering what is NLP all about?

Possibly in your past you may have read, heard or even experienced a less than glorious moment associated with NLP, but before you find yourself thinking those same thoughts again…stop! and begin to imagine a brand new opportunity waiting for you fere at IDEA Seminars.

Can you picture what it would be like to leave the everyday routines and allow yourself to try something new, to take a life-changing journey of learning NLP in a fun and delightful way.

Remember what it was like to see as a child sees life brand new full of excitement and joy? Think back to what it felt like to play again. Can you hear the laughter and delight in your voice? Do you miss that? Would you want it back?

Then take this hunger even further by coming to IDEA Seminars to tap into your unlimited potential.

Rex will lead you to discover quickly and naturally an awareness of your hidden treasures and show you how to use them as resources whenever and wherever you need them. He will 'light your candle,' and when he does, you naturally will be unstoppable in desiring to go out and light others and change your world!"

Christine Pawlak, Court Reporter, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) calm, playful, flexible, easy to talk to -a great rapport artist, honest, wanting to give everything he has to benefit his students.

The main benefit I got from the IDEA Seminar with Rex, has been a way of 'breaking in' or starting to loosen up to experience a greater variety of subjective experiences, memories, feelings, states. The focus on the experience, what is going on inside my mind & seeing in new ways, was fun and playful.

I also got the sense that I'm not just getting motivated, but learning about the art and science of motivation itself.

I got a new awareness of the aspects of communication that are beyond content."

David Rosdeitcher, Entertainer, Boulder, Colorado

"(Rex is a) great teacher. Extremely knowledgable. Caring. Great Guy.

Fantastic course. There is no doubt that this course has changed my life drastically. I feel like I am coming out a new person. This course is for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves, wants a positive outlook on life, wants to connect better with others and make a difference in their lives.

I will use what I learned in this course to improve every area of my life.

The other participants were all great! I made a lot of new friends. There were people from all over the world."

--Xavier Langston, Gourmet Chef, Washington, D.C.

"(Rex is) accessable, generous, insightful, playful.

The practioners course made accessable for personal application, NLP techniques and understandings typically taught for application in therapy. The practioners course made the information heretofore entombed in the books I have read live, breathe, shine, and explode! I have not chased my dreams, mostly because when the horn was sounded, I just did not feel like it. Now I can feel like it. Now I can sound like it. Now I can look like it. And most of all, now I can act like it!"

Charles Williams, Real Estate Economist, Louisville, Kentucky

"(Rex is) astute, resourceful, experienced, aware, a hard task-master, humorous, compelling, compassionate, respectful, enigmatic, motivating, modest, brave, pathfinder, map-maker.

A roller-coaster ride through a whole set of new challenges and experiences leading to a more profound understanding of how we interact with the world around us, and offering many new resources to make the journey ever more glorious."

Sylvia Mills, Bali, Indonesia

"Rex has a great deal to offer. He brings wide experience and a deep mastery of the techniques he teaches.

This is not a seminar for someone who wants to be 'fixed.' It requires a commitment to practice and ongoing integration of the learning.

Our experience as a group was of rapid and rewarding progress in an environment that was fun and supportive. Everyone benefited a great deal.

The lesson of NLP is that we choose how we want to feel about things. I choose to feel great about this seminar."

Tim Barnes, Los Gatos, California

"(Rex is a) great motivator and a lot of fun. He is very interested in you getting the most out of the experience. It's not about him, it's about you.

This program is very much a hands on experience. You learn by doing and experiencing. The whole time you spend being immersed in NLP and experiencing the techniques and ideas. This type of approach requires teamwork and you not only come away with newfound knowledge of NLP, but you will also leave having made new friends from all walks of life.

This program allowed me to easily and naturally incorporate NLP to my life. You will see a difference and you will be a better person for it. The facilities are wonderful. Cedar Valley is a great backdrop in that it gives you so many opportunities to go out and relax. The many trails and grounds are a great source for relaxation, reflection and just plain fun."

Francisco Almeida, Independent Consultant, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Rex is giving, open, and aware of much more than you know. He tunes into the group's needs and directs the program so everyone has fun & learns. He is an inspiration to really applying these tools for a win-win for everyone.

My experience with the program started with the wonderful responsiveness and good feelings I had with interaction with Erik when registering and corresponding prior to arriving. Once here, I would have never imagined how much fun I would have while learning. My new friends offered encouragement and enriched my experience beyond belief. Rex and Carolyn give everything they have and more so that you reach whatever goals and expectations you have set for yourself.

The feeling of being available to help everyone grow and learn was spread among all of us both during the seminar hours and during our playtime.

Cedar Valley is a wonderful place. The atmosphere encourages learning while allowing you to experience the natural beauty everywhere.

This program went beyond any expectations I had set for myself. I can see myself taking my NLP toolkit and using the new skills to make my life fuller, brighter and even more fulfilling than ever imagined."

Lisa Kanda, Project Manager/Trainer, Belmar, New Jersey

"(Rex is) brilliant, respectful, and dedicated to help you bring the best out of you and make you have fun at the same time.

Training with IDEA Seminars ? An amazing and expanding experience. Books and tapes fall short like stones thrown at stars. Being immersed in such a fun, friendly and fascinating learning environment, I constantly noticed my life growing into new dimensions. The holistic approach used at IDEA Seminars gave me exactly what I needed. Now I feel competent and confident to start truly designing my life."

Jan Polak, Consultant, Slovakia

"Rex really is a NLP evangelist. He sincerely wants to help people live happy & fulfilling lives by teaching them very useful NLP skills. He's not interested in helping you solve your problems, but the beauty of it is that you see how resourceful you really are & able to design your life. Because after all, you're the only person that has to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

I have attended a few Tony Robbins seminars. At the time, I was looking forward to taking away with me useful tools & skills that I can apply in my every day life. However, all I received was a phenomal experience. Afterwards, I felt a bit lost at how the seminar attendance would impact or even change my life! I did have great hopes of making phenomenal changes in my life because that is what the Tony Robbins Companies lead you to feel, so I was a bit disappointed. However, I wasn't willing to give up on NLP & decided that wasn't the right avenue.

My husband had heard that Rex Sikes is the best in the NLP world. He also knew that Rex would teach skills for personal growth, & that it would not be theorectical but practical. We signed up together because we both wanted to master NLP & use it in our daily lives. I really didn't know what to expect, but was very very hopeful that this would be THE SEMINAR. Well, I'm writing this on the very last morning of our 10-day NLP Practitioner 2000 seminar, & I feel so ready & equipped to enter my life again. I am confident that I will be able to use what I've learned here to enrich & bring more meaning to my life & the life of those with whom I share. I found THE SEMINAR & am looking forward to attending the NLP Master Practitioner seminar sometime in the very near future."

Marina Barnes, Full Time Mother to two children, Los Gatos, California

"(Rex is) wonderful, delightful. Rex flowed with the needs of the class, the sign of a great teacher! Thank you!

IDEA Seminars has change my life in a way that I thought was not possible. I was really in touch with myself and feeling what is was like to be alive again. This is a feel that I will carry for the rest of my life! I am a new person! Thank you IDEA Seminars! Blessings!"

Mical Honcampe, Senior Executive, Portland, Oregon

"(Rex is a) charismatic, skillful guide.

Before I came to this seminar I was very uptight, my body hurt, and my mind was slugest. I now have free movement in my body as my mind has been set free & my body has responded in the same way.

I have received the skills to help me help myself in my every day life. To change what I can and to change my attitude to give myself a good memory of what even is happening in my life. This course is Basic training for life. I have changed my life in a most wonderful & positive way forever. I now control the outcome of my experiences. Attitude is everything."

Ken Davis, Computer Specialist, Richmond, Virginia

"Rex is possessed of exceptionally talented skills with NLP and hypnosis, a rich array of life's experiences, and an innate perceptiveness and insight into how people think and experience their lives. These attributes, when combined with his heart-felt compassion and sincere desire to open new paths and opportunities for those who have entrusted themselves to his teachings create an incredibly powerful and effective course for growth and positive change. Rex has designed his coursework to blow open new neural pathways which, in turn, leads to new insights, new perceptions, and new options in the lives of those who would wish to venture toward greater wholeness, happiness, and self-knowledge.

About the Seminar:
I came to this seminar hoping to acquire a broad, deep, and complete grounding in NLP skills, including artful use of language, application of techniques, and understanding of the technology. I thought that a 10-day immersion in a sheltered learning environment would be the best way to attain competence in an area that I had been studying for over a year through reading books, practicing skills, and attending other seminars.

By the close of the first day, even though we had not touched (to my conscious awareness) upon a single 'technique' or 'language pattern' that I was able to recognize as 'NLP,' I knew that I had stumbled into something that would have a far more profound effect upon my life. The seminar proved to be more than I could have hoped for.

This was not just a course in NLP. It was an opportunity to learn things about myself in a safe and loving way, and to gain understanding and perspective about what I learned. On top of this foundation, we were given the perfect tools to take these insights and transform ourselves into something wonderful, something we chose for ourselves.

There is a great wisdom in what Rex has created here, & I am deeply grateful I was able to experience it. I have powerful and concrete tools to take with me that have changed what I was, into who I want to be.

Oh yes.

I also learned all of the NLP skills I'd come to the seminar for. But I also learned a whole lot more. And that's a gift I will never loose.

On a '10-scale,' this course was a '10.'"

Los Angeles, California

"(Rex is) artful at educating, creates very high retention.

I knew in advance that the course would be extremely good and words like awesome are not in my pre-course vocabulary.

It was awesome.

I gained incredible skills to smooth the path of life and others lives. 'Skills' means hands-on daily-applicable can-do-now skills.

This plugged a big hole in my personal attributes, and so now I am fully exploring 'How great can it get?'"

Larry Earle, Manufacturing Management, Canada

"Rex shares his knowledge with patience and humanity. It was quite amazing to see him calibrate to each student.

There is a world of difference between learning and doing. It is the difference between wanting and taking action. For the last 2 years, I studied NLP by reading and thinking about its principles and techniques. Looking back on that time, I realized that I was learning NLP and not doing NLP. The IDEA Seminar has made me understand and bridge the gap. If you are interested in taking action, instead of just thinking, take the first step to make it happen."

Carl Kim, Financial Analyst, Newport Beach, California

"Incredible: Rex takes you on a rollercoaster ride for the mind. Always interesting, intreguing, and insightful, Rex has designed, along with Carolyn a remarkable mind expanding experience.

I had no idea that I was capable of learning so much so quickly and easily. You will find yourself absorbing the attitude and art of NLP and Mind Design naturally.

The emphasis is on joy, love, and humor. You will be constantly asking yourself how it would be possible to have more fun than this…Then you'll have more fun…and then even more. In terms of the practicality of the material everything I have learned here will be amazingly usful in everyday life. This is not a cold academic course, but a real flesh & blood human experience. Rex concentrates on the core attitude essentials of NLP with a feather light touch -ever watchful that the participants have heard and understand the material.

I had an amazing time, and I'll be back for Master Practitioner this year.

Life changing stuff.

Thanks Rex, Carolyn, for a wonderful 10 days. See you in August."

Ron Thornton, Producer, Valencia, California

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