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2000 Ultimate 5-Day Trainer's Training
Class Evaluations

(every student is represented here)

"(Rex is) experienced, humble, thorough, talented, friendly, helpful, politically correct. I appreciated the way Rex expressed interest in the lives of his students….out of the training room in after hour conversations & @ meal breaks.

The NLP field is filled w/'experts' who don't illustrate any real skill….they simply don't live the skills. If you want to learn from someone who embodies the skills, habits & spirit of NLP the you must attend an IDEA Seminar w/Rex Sikes…a real expert!

I am an experienced NLPer w/years of practice & several trainings…Rex is the first NLP trainer who truly exhibits skills that will give you the attitude, resources, & tools to go home w/ a new ability to generate something different in you life.

After you attend an IDEA-Seminar w/Rex Sikes, you'll remember all those wonderful moments of laughter & shifts of perception that bring growth & inner piece. A truly remarkable experience that everyone should experience @ least 2-3 times in their life.

We all have a choice… & often we make a choice to try something different…to step out & take a risk. If you want to risk more often & make better choices…attend an IDEA Seminar w/Rex Sikes…it's a choice that will have you laughing, growing & moving in wonderful directions of personal discovery."

Mark Grainger, Senior Account Executive, Anchorage, Alaska.

"The trainer training program is a mind expanding experience. It stretched my perception and capabilities in directions I didn't even know about. Rex help you to perceive the structure in the work of stand up comedians, attorneys, politicians so that you have much greater possibilities to model excellence. It's a great experience to listen to and watch speakers with new eyes and being able to start to incorporate this in ones behaviors.

Rex is a warm and friendly person and seems to be completely committed to help every participant to grow. The friendly people in the group were very helpful in giving useful feedback which added greatly to the positive experience. Rex believes in doing, action, be first! which makes his course much more applied and requires more of your own participation than other NLP-courses that I have attended.

I can fully recommend attending Rex trainer training if you want to really increase your skills as a speaker."

Per Daniel Fagerstrom, Business Person, Stockholm, Sweden

"Many people think of the English as reserved…well, as well as being English I'm shy as well…This has not been especially the best combination of qualities for someone who wants and needs to get up in front of people and make a difference.

Over the course of my time here I've found myself leaving my 'comfort zone' behind and doing things I never would have considered doing on stage. And what's more that has been more than OK because I've enjoyed myself.

It's funny to find myself writing about actually enjoying myself on stage -I'm still not sure I really believe it-but I have the proof -I can watch myself on videotape. And I'm smiling, and I'm laughing and I'm communicating effectively while having a great time. And even more I can hear the sound of the audience clapping and cheering, and believe me that's not just a good sound, it's a really great sound that make me feel like more is possible.

So I'm wondering for the next opportunity, and this time it'll be me standing there on stage making the difference, and loving every moment of it."

Michael Roach, Support Analyst & Hypnotherapist, England

"Sometimes when I read testimonials, I may or may not believe them. But you can believe mine because I had some doubts whether this program would be worth my time, money, and energy.

I can tell you this is not an easy program, but if you are interested in the results this program promises, you most certainly will get those results!

You may have heard the phrase: 'Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first, so that you can get good at it.' Comparing the first videotaped speech with the final tape is amazing. Rex and Carolyn have developed and structured this program in a way that you don't necessarily realize how much you are learning and integrating automatically.

I imagine what a joy it must be for Rex and Carolyn to see a group on day 1, knowing that by day 5, we'll be leaving here thinking that We Might Be Giants!

If you want to stretch yourself even more than you may have in the part. If you want to break out of your comfort zone. If you want to laugh more than you have ever laughed in a week. Come to this program!

You will be amazed at the wonderful results you will receive! Do it-you're worth it!"

Brian Anderson, Business Owner, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

"Rex is a great trainer. He is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He loves training people and helping you grow. With Rex, its evident in all that he does. Don't be convinced now that Rex is someone you deserve to train with. Instead, experience Rex for yourself when you attend one or all of his trainings. You deserve the best for yourself after all, don't you? Whether your favorite part of the program is the laughter meditation, or bonding with the other participants who later become your friends, or perhaps the growing feeling of achievement that you get for having grown so much, the best thing about this is that you made the decision to go because that means you are committed to your personal growth. Aren't you? By the end of this program, you'll stop and think to yourself, 'How much fun can I have?' right before going on stage. And any speaking fears will naturally disappear with this program. Yet this program is about much more than training and public speaking. Its about communicating well and improving your life. Beyond that, its about your growing open to new possibilities in life of more laughter, more love, and more life. You deserve more, don't you? You deserve the best, don't you? Well, the more I think about it, the more I think about taking his next program. Perhaps you will sign up now too. Its really up to you."

Kent Sayre, Real Estate Investor, Beaverton, Oregon.

"There are still some steps to be taken. I saw this. I've attended over 20 self-help programs and many NLP courses. Furthermore I'm using them professionally and teaching to others.

I was thinking that if you are a peaceful person and behaving naturally and have no inner conflict, these are enough to make a public speech. But here, I learned that these are not enough. Some more talents to be needed. Energy! Fun! Voice Control, and other technical stuff.

Best side of this program is you just not learn them consciously, but also you integrate them into your personality unconsciously.

But be careful. After this program, you may not have even a piece of feeling of shame when you are speaking to others!"

--Tamer Dovucu, Business Consultant, Istanbul, Turkey

"(Rex is) warm, friendly, animated, skilled at drawing people out of their shells but gentle in doing so.

I learned about IDEA Seminars through my friend Ron, who had taken two of their programs. I originally thought that the NLP techniques he learned there were and interesting curiosity, but not my 'cup of tea.'

However, when I learned of the 'Trainers Training' course, with its emphasis on public speaking and improving group communication, I thought 'now, here's something I can really benefit from !'

Over the course of the program, I learned that the same skills I was learning to improve my speaking abilities could improve my one-on-one communication as well. Dramatic insights and improvements in my confidence and presence began from the first day and continued to build throughout the course.

My ability to speak in front of large groups is now vastly improved. Butterflies and fear have been replaced by confidence, so much so that I am planning to return to performing stand-up, a dream I had abandoned years ago but am now eager to resume.

I've also seen enough practical application of the underlying concepts of NLP that I am considering enrolling in the Practitioners course to further develop those skills."

Steve Pugh, General Manager, Saugus, California.

"(Rex is) very down to earth with a heart felt connection to all. Rex know what each student needs to grow. Very cool!

Dollar for dollars this training has giving me the most personal growth than any other training to date! If you're ready to break out of self limitation -you need to contact IDEA Seminars. Now! Rex & Carolyn have created a 'state of art' training system! This is -'must have training'!"

Cornelius Vargatopp, Social Worker, Springfield, Missouri.

"What a blast! I have had the good fortune to be able to attend three of Rex & Carolyn's trainings now, each time I seem to have more fun. Looking back now at the past five days its impossible to describe just how much valuable and practical information has been covered. If you have or have had a fear of speaking to groups small or large, this course is an essential.

As always Rex finds a way to stretch you no matter what your comfort level is. Even during the evening discussions Rex will help you improve in areas that need improvement. He has a knack of being able to single you out without anyone else knowing, and help you through difficulties.

This program is for anyone who wants more charisma, more confidence, and more presence. This five days will be invaluable to me for the rest of my years. Its very likely that I will do this course again in fact, because the personal coaching and practical drilling can be tailored to a specific speech if you so desire. So if you decide to go, I might just meet you.

Thanks again to Carolyn, Rex, and Sydney, and of course Michael for an amazing time."

Ron Thornton, Producer, Valencia, California.

"It was really nice to share these five days with people of different cultural backgrounds from mine. This, in itself, can be a strenuous experience. However, the particular approach given by Rex Sikes makes it a soothing ride.

As with everything else in life, you will learn, expand your senses and grow if you allow yourself to do so. This process of allowing yourself to experience and tread new areas was, no doubt, facilitated by our coach. I would personally like to thank Rex for his persuasive yet not imposing manner of going about his training program."

Alicia S Desanze, Language Trainer, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"If you have ever wanted to be able to stand in front of a few people or a stadium of people and be charismatic, dynamic and incredibly powerful then participate in the Trainer's training from IDEA Seminars! Can you imagine watching yourself and a group of fellow class participants transform before your eyes from looking and sounding frightened, timid to vibrant, dynamic and confident presenters? That is what I witnessed at this training. Rex & Carolyn have developed a class that stretches you to grow beyond your wildest dreams. I know this class will exceed your greatest expectations! Ask yourself a few questions 'What could I accomplish in my life after developing powerful presentation skills? How delightful will that be? Where and when can I sign up to transform my life?'

Take the Trainer's Training!"

Kurt Meyers, Director of Sales, San Ramon, California.

"(Rex is) professional, experienced and a really good and fun coacher.

This is the best way to improve skills, get fun and get your human desires together. I'm really feel satisfied about Rex job and the purpose of this seminar. I feel that we've get our personal goals."

Laura Sanmartin Bucalandria, Trainer & Coach, Madrid, Spain.

"Without a doubt, the training was the most friendly, intensive, and effective I have ever experienced. One goes beyond the 'large group' exposure to concepts…there is incredible one-on-one interaction with Rex and the incredible team that forms from the wide variety of individuals who gather at the Cedar Valley Center. Ideas and concepts into relevant practice…that's what its all about and better!

IDEA Seminars -growth through knowledge and friendship at the luxurious Cedar Valley Center in Wisconsin. Have fun, feel life, explore BEYOND your best…You'll be one-on-one with master NLP trainer Rex Steven Sikes in a 3, 5 or 10 day program that will teach, involve, and amaze you.

Enjoy learning the joy of speaking, training others, creative freedom, and neuro-linguistic programming setting your mind on the path of feeling great. Set your brain in motion today…get the idea…with IDEA Seminars."

Joe Lawson, Supervising Animation Director, Valencia, California.

"Rex is a sincere, warm & friendly role model for people who want to experience profound life changes in their lives. He is always willing to answer questions & provide positive feedback. His wit, humor, skill & attitude are contagious, inspirational and emotionally instructive.

Seldom in life does a person experience an experience so calming, so mind stretching, so positive as I have just experienced. Trainers Training was the most intensive yet sensitive training I have ever been to. The personal attention of Rex & Carolyn made me feel at home while at the same time pushing my emotional limits to heights I have never been to. Even as an experienced toastmaster, Trainers Training was the leap off a tall building in comparison. We experienced fun, laughter, romance, terror, silliness in ways that inculcate the emotions into your very being. You arrive here in this serene, quiet setting expecting techniques of speech, presentation and training skills. And while you're challenged to speak off the cuff, you're also improving your presence, your state of mind & the persuasion starts to take hold of your audience. As you feel the power of your own persuasion skills begin to evolve, a sense of power, self confidence and happiness overwhelms all of your senses and you are in touch forever."

Allan Katz, Marketing Consultant, Memphis, Tennessee.

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