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Full Index of Student Evaluations
IDEA Seminars NLP Master Practitioner Training for 1996
Evaluations from IDEA Seminars NLP Master Practitioner Training August 10-23, 1996 (every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) humorous, deep/spiritual, highly intelligent and articulate, kind, and full of energy. Before attending this program, I kept having a dream in which I saw an Indian Chief's face. His message was that he was waiting for me to come to America - to Cedar Valley Center - to IDEA Seminars - that I must make the journey - it was important! Imagine my surprise when I arrived and saw a statue of an Indian Chief sitting at the door to Cedar Valley Center! The grounds are filled with Indian art and statues! I now know exactly why I was meant to come here - the course has enabled me to re-access my purpose, to find the love, spirit, passion and freedom that I had chained down with the poison of my own thoughts. The experience has enabled me to break free and to find the key to unlock all that has always been inside me. I have learned how to dance, laugh and have fun again, how to relax and both enjoy and be fully in the moment. The experience has brought me back to life! The best thing is that I did it myself!"
          Jackie Jarvis, Training and Personal Development Consultant, New Learning Programmes, England

"(Rex is) one of the very best listeners I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He, and Carolyn, are people who care about you, your striving, your challenges, your concerns. Rex is one of the most profoundly powerful communicators, yet he never towers over you on a stage. He walks his talk, and talks his walk, but WITH you in the trenches. As a professional networker with some 35,000 people in my organization, I'm primarily a trainer and I have modeled many excellent trainers, from Richard Bandler, to Anthony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, just to mention a few, and to say that Rex towers above them all would be beside the point because he doesn't need the platform, the lights, the position, and ego. Rex holds his own against anyone I have ever heard and seen, primarily because he really cares about his students. He did the training WITH me - he was there at breakfast, in the class, at dinner, out in the evening with his students - and he never stopped. I made profound changes in my career, personal relationships and in my relationship with my self, more than was possible to conceptualize. I would and will do a program with him and Carolyn again. If I had children, I would want them to come, my parents, family, friends and just about everyone in my life - hell, even strangers I haven't met yet! If you really are looking for a change, a life change - part of your curriculum should include Rex and Carolyn. Thanks guys! Dan."
          Dan Anderson, Diamond Executive, Quorum Int'l, Bruxelles, Belgium

"Rex is a great teacher, sympathetic counselor and friend. He is capable of giving what I needed, of provoking my best response and patient with the time it took me to integrate all this. I really loved this program. I learned far more than I expected, even though I have studied with Rex before. I jumped in, took the invitation to grow to heart, opened myself to what Rex was doing. As a result, I think my joy in life has increased, I have more skills to be in respectful rapport with others, my understanding of NLP and how it integrates with my life has been deepened. Rex is a very giving guide into the heart of NLP and it's attitude. His openness, his amazing ability to adapt to the student so that each student benefits astonishes me. I hope he had as much fun with this process as I did. Carolyn is a delight to know and work with. Her style is very different from Rex, but she is also fantastically insightful and supportive. The program drew the important connections that I really needed to make NLP and Mind Design work for me, now and in the future. Cedar Valley is awesomely beautiful."
          Harold Shore, Director of Consulting, Oak Systems, St. Paul, MN

"(Rex is) 'cool'! (He is) knowledgeable and caring. (He) tailors the training to the needs of the group. Very accessible. Having Carolyn and Rex present at meals and after evening sessions was great. I have grown a lot during the past 14 days in my ability to choose my thoughts and focus my attention. I can get unstuck very quickly because the first sensations of being stuck now trigger my resources. Being happy always is a delightful possibility. We have practiced new language patterns until they are becoming automatic. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in personal growth or new skills in business. I have laughed more in the past two weeks than I have in months and Cedar Valley is a delightful setting for a workshop. This experience was a fabulous gift to myself. Well worth both the investment of my time and money."
          Marge Hidalgo, Waukegan, IL

"Rex is a guy who brings a world of exciting and unusual living experiences to a platform (NLP) that can make some dramatic differences to others. Carolyn is a bright star who shines even more brightly during her brief appearance with Rex in front of the group. 100 times the value for the money and that's a low figure."
          Reginald Doherty, President Bright Ideas, Haverford, PA

"(Rex is) dynamic, powerful, moving. Rex Steven Sikes is an experience, an imaginative interior designer. He intuitively know just what we need at any given moment. Quite uncanny and absolutely right. Carolyn is extremely brilliant and gentle with the exploring questions, guiding us with ease. Experiencing Rex Steven Sikes in the seminar is what keeps me coming back. He steps right into my map of the world and shows me how to make it bigger, brighter, more powerful - and he won't let me hide behind myself. Thus I am forced to see just how incredible I am - still becoming - even more. Cedar Valley was perfectly clean, tons of food, lots of choices, great and perfect!"
          Karen Tretick, Director Carefree Healing and Wellness Center, Germantown, MD

"I came expecting something more like my prior training: a series of well-taught techniques and a bit of emphasis on attitude. When I didn't receive my expectations I vacillated in my feelings about the program. What I am leaving with, however, is this: a solid understanding of my own self, power, and goodness - a grasp of what makes NLP work, BEHIND the techniques, and an inventive sense of becoming, evolving toward BEING NLP rather than simply a Master of techniques. This is ultimately worthwhile in the broadest sense of the word."
          Patricia Linehan, Assistant Professor Psychology, William Penn College, Oskaloosa, IA

"(Rex is) accessible, kind, expertise, gentle, congruent, skillful, attentive, responsive, enthusiastic. Carolyn's light shines bright in support, laughter and in the flawless unfolding of the experience. When you watch a skilled magician, you are amazed, entertained, intrigued, curious and you scan for ways they could have achieved seemingly miraculous occurrences. Even as they explain or answer your questions you sense the missing pieces of information necessary for you to re-create and build your own expertise. Such withholding can be common in the NLP community. In contrast, Rex generously and with commitment provided the empowering pieces of information, skill, or models, because his purpose is clearly in empowering his students, resourcing them, equipping them. It is clear that his greatest joy is in YOUR excellence, not his own. Rex provides a foundation of skill and learning for each student and his commitment to each individual is obvious. If you want a fish go elsewhere, if you want to learn how to fish, see Rex."
          Joe Donakey, Trainer/Consultant, Beginning Point, Baton Rouge, LA

"Rex has demonstrable skill that soars far beyond many of the world class NLP trainers that I have experienced. He is an example of what NLP is intended to be; a mastery of your own life. I am very impressed with his ability to facilitate learning and transfer of skill. This training is something I will take into my life now and through the future. The skill level of Rex is unbelievable, and he has the personal power that is extremely useful to model. He is absolutely exquisite with language patterns. I was impressed with my own personal growth and the growth of the ones around me. It was like a roller coaster ride to successful learnings. I now know what it means to be a Master Practitioner of NLP - to live life in your most desired way, and to assist others in the same. I think this training should be a required training within the NLP community to obtain Master Practitioner level skills. Thank You Rex and Carolyn!! Cedar Valley is fantastic and a great value."
          Joseph S. Soto, Trainer/Consultant,
                                                                    The Accelerated Communications Group, Oskaloosa, IA

"Rex teaches by demonstrating. He appeals to both the conscious and subconscious mind. Rex lives what he teaches, all the while challenging the student to move forward, learn, learn, and learn. He puts NLP into a whole-world, spiritual context so that the tools of NLP can fit into a coherent reality. Carolyn is a unique and delightful woman who is indispensable in this program. I really enjoyed being a part of this master practitioner program. I feel that the NLP language skills are especially powerful and I can see just how my future is being created as a wonderful and powerful experience which will only serve to set a pace for further growth in my life and the lives of the people I touch. Extra bonuses were the personal breakthrough which I experienced personally or witnessed in others. It was a real joy to share my life for 14 days with some really wonderful and distinct individuals who will always be an important part of my life and who I am."
          Mike Reitzel, vice president, Cleveland, OH

"(Rex) always give 100%. He makes it very clear that he is there to give you exactly what you want and need. He does this in a way that sets you up to make your own profound discoveries. If you want to understand and know NLP, this is it! There are some NLP trainings that teach you how to be a great cook - but you're still a cook. Rex and Carolyn teach you how to be a great chef. You don't need techniques because you know how to work with any ingredients to create sumptuous incredible change. The cordon blue of NLP and life if you want and crave a stretch - this is the place!"
          Hypnotist, (Name withheld upon request), Portland, OR

"Rex is an extraordinary example of how much energy, passion and love we can all experience in our lives, by striving to keep our own candles lit. Rex creates an environment where people can make real connections and maintain those connections for all time. The whole IDEA Seminars crew were great. Carolyn's insights and openness are greatly appreciated. Rex and Carolyn build an environment that makes it easy for us to learn and grow. The closeness I have experienced lets me know that everything I have experienced with stay with me for the rest of my life. I think everyone should take the time to experience what learning can be like with Rex and Carolyn. Cedar Valley is very comfortable, excellent variety in food, great! I love all the smiling faces."
          Tom Olson, Consultant, The Advance Group, Inc., Edina, MN

"(Rex is) undeniably the best! His ability to make you think about, challenge and nurse new and old beliefs is life changing. All in a super-fun and challenging learning environment. I'm amazed how much more I learned taking Master Practitioner over again - I learned so many new concepts, skills and attitudes that elevated me to a new level. I was a little skeptical about taking Master Practitioner program a second time, thinking I wouldn't be learning a lot and just rehashing old material. I couldn't have been more wrong. I learned so many, so, so, many new concepts and skills than I ever thought possible. Even in the things I know pretty well, Rex challenged me to push further, and further. And I did and I love the results. I came in with pretty high expectations, thinking if I ask for mars, I may get the moon. What a surprise it was for me when I walked away with Pluto! My expectations were met the first week, leaving me all the rest of the time to further my exploration into unchartered space. What a great feeling, knowing you've not only accomplished everything you needed to, but going further into new realms and relaxing in the feeling of 'I did it!!' Amazing. Thanks Carolyn, for all your help, support and laughter. You've been and still are a true gem to me. Just continue to be you, that's the best for me. XXXOOO!! Thanks, Jim."
          James Harris, Bar Manager, Tavern on the Pier, Chicago, IL

"(Rex is) a very genuine human being. Carolyn is also a very real human being. The assistants were there when needed, skillful in helping when necessary and always supportive. My sense of joy now penetrates the world."
          Jan Ossorio, Professor of Humanities, Seiwa College, Nishinomiya, Japan

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