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IDEA Seminars Practitioner Training for 1996
Evaluations from IDEA Seminars NLP Practitioner Training June 1-14, 1996 (every student in the class is represented here)

"(Rex is) a masterful trainer. Deeply cares about his students. Passionate about his subject. Demonstrates his passion of the subject and care of student learning the subject by modeling the behaviors. All assistants and interns are helpful and competent. They clarified concepts and modeled behaviors that help me digest the materials.

After just 14 days of training and practice, I can meet anyone, in person , via the telephone and generate rapport. This material has given me the foundation to enrich, grow and stretch relationships with business associates, my manager, staff, family, friends, and most importantly, with myself.

Imagine my surprise, when I learned that learning is fun and exciting.

The gem I will keep and continue to polish is that I, like everyone on this planet, is a unique and valuable person. The quality of my life is determined by the quality of the questions I ask myself. Rex and his staff have shown me how to ask rich questions. The answers lead to joy, creativity, and success beyond my wildest dreams.

I thought a lot about the cost of this seminar. To some people, it's a lot of money. I thought of other things I could do with the money. 14 days is a long time to be away from work, family, my life. I then thought about what I wanted to gain form the seminar - the ability to become and excellent communicator, to increase my effectiveness, while touching the lives of others. I am my most valuable resource. The skills learned in this seminar will reap exponential returns. The decision to make this investment in myself became easy.

Would you purchase 1 share of stock for $1, if you knew in one 1 month or 3 months it would increase in value by 10,000 %? Then attend this seminar, it's the same concept!"
          Cynthia R. Cauthern, Sales Manager, Madison, WI

"Rex is a superb trainer. Generous, patient, always willing to help. Forces you to frame everything in positive terms. Cedar Valley is a wonderful setting, a great place to learn and enjoy. Also, the price is a bargain.

What stands out in the seminar is Rex's philosophy towards NLP. I'm glad the course was not just a presentation of mechanical techniques and language patterns. The exercises built up my belief that I can do anything and also helped bond the group together. Other exercises forced you to focus on your learnings. They really taught me how to open up my sensory channels and stop mind reading and making judgments.

I appreciated Rex and Carolyn staying up and socializing with us. I know that many times they would be exhausted, yet would still chat with us until they were ready to drop.

I realize several months ago that I wanted to do changework. I thought I would attend this seminar, get some great techniques and be ready to go. Instead, what I got was an attitude (positive, of course), belief in myself, my abilities, and the ability to change my state whenever, wherever... to do whatever I wanted. And a toolbox of techniques to bring along and use when needed.

In retrospect, as I look back on these 14 days, the image that stands out foremost is doing our cross-crawling and Will leading a conga-line with a smile of contentment and joy on his face. That, to me... is NLP."
          Bob Johnston, Courier, Benson, MD

"(Rex is) full of love and committed ... If one could design a sanctuary filled with delightful learning, wonderful camaraderie, and an opportunity to experience and harness all the talents God has given us to use to bring about lasting peace and harmony on this planet; it would be called IDEA Seminars. My heartfelt thanks!"
          Brad Malone, Principal Consultant, Lynn, MA

"(Rex is) an incredible teacher who congruently models what he teaches. I enjoy Rex's openness and his seeming insatiable curiosity makes being in his presence both during training and socially a marvelous treat. A phenomenal teacher who used every resource to bring out the best in me. His constant energy, seeming awareness of every student and their needs and his attention to details made his presentation a delightful tapestry that delighted my senses and provided food for my intellect that will keep me coming back for more and more.

Carolyn's skill and support is only surpassed by her warm laughter and very compassionate and generous heart.

As a retreat, I found this to be the most joyful that I have ever attended. The laughter and energy that I generated with my new found friends enabled my learning to seem almost effortless and incredibly pleasurable.

Experiencing the sense of control and ease with which I was able to make personal changes was personally gratifying. I look forward to continuing my growth using skills I developed during this learning experience. I am especially anticipating taking my current NLP tool box, adding to it, skillfully developing my abilities and continuously building the quality of life for myself, my family, my congregates, my patients, and anyone else I may associate with now and in the future.

For quality of content, excitement of presentation style, and quantity of laughter, IDEA Seminars is the place to go for NLP training. The changes and growth that I was able to achieve is due to the environment of learning and joy that you must experience to fully appreciate. The 1200 mile round trip was worth infinitely more than I could even imagine and I plan to return again for more training. I look forward to having others that I know benefit form IDEA Seminars. Thank you!!!"
          Dr. Joseph S. Weiss, Rabbi, Pittsburgh, PA

"Rex is a master trainer very adept at creating a wondrously open, safe context in which learning and fun naturally flourish. A superb trainer who does a marvelous job of creating a forum in which participants are given ample opportunity to stretch themselves beyond anything they might have imagined themselves doing all the while providing encouragement and space to just be yourself, fully and completely and explore the possibilities.

Based on too many years warehoused in the public school experience and from attending various introductory NLP evening gatherings and experiencing people trained and certified in NLP techniques, I was not very confident about my ability to get value for my investment. Too many "NLP experts" seemed fixated on techniques and I wasn't impressed that NLP had made much, if any, qualitative difference in their approach to life or in the kinds of results they were achieving in their spheres of influence.

I sensed a different attitude in talking with Carolyn over the phone. I felt appreciated, supported and the beginning of hope that IDEA Seminars was entirely a bird of a different feather.

Although I had considered myself to be just an "average" learner, my experience from the moment I entered the training room was of coming home to a place that was fun, and safe, and intriguing and a great and magical environment in which I could play and connect with other people at my own pace. I am now a gifted learner. Thanks for the gift!

I feel like a kid in a candy store, exposed to so many new and intriguing pieces that come together in their own time and in their own way to form a complete mosaic that is uniquely my own. Discovering my 'voice' was particularly revealing as I learn to add a rich, resonant, authoritative quality to my repertoire. The best, however, is building in powerful, vibrant new states that are richly textured, robust and alive with energy, where the sound effects, the visual images, and the feelings dynamically contribute synergisticly to catapult me into my desired future."
          Barry Neish, Father of five, Cortex, CO

"Rex is the most energetic speaker I have ever seen and the learning environment he creates makes it easy to take in and learn new things. Thanks for keeping the learning fun. The training went by in a flash and I have yet to discover how much I can improve the quality of my life and the life of those around me."
          Thomas W. Olson, Consultant, The Advance Group, Inc.,
                                    Golden Valley, MN

"(Rex is) energetic and enthusiastic; someone who loves what he does and is a master of it; someone who is driven to provide an excellent workshop. The workshop provided the seeds for achieving excellence in my life. The only other variable to achieving that excellence is how much do I want it and how committed am I to doing whatever is necessary to make it a reality?"
          Jim Gillespie, Senior Vice President, Great Western Industrial Real Estate, Los Angeles, CA

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