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IDEA Seminars Trainers Training for 1996
Evaluations from IDEA Seminars Trainers Training October 28 - November 2, 1996 (every student in the class is represented here)

"Rex is full of energy, he keeps the class moving yet all the while stirring the pot and continuing to add challenge and stretch to each and every member of the class. Rex brings marvelous NLP skills and a spiritual dimension which adds wonderful magic to the course. This experience was beyond my full expectations. Rex does such a great job of bringing in situations and people to model and learn from that it GREATLY stretches you and takes you to a level of effectiveness you couldn't possibly anticipate. Some of the exercises create new states and skills within you so that you will find yourself with a tremendous increase in your degree of expression and interconnectedness. Your ability to project your message congruently, effectively, and powerfully will jump to a level so far above your current level that you could not anticipate all the positive changes which will occur. I thought this course was marvelous!"
          Michael Reitzel, Vice President, Breckville, OH

"Rex is dynamic, friendly, compassionate, happy, and self-confident. I learned to have energy and happiness naturally in my communications. The confidence I have now in my ability to comfortably address any audience is worth many times the course tuition. Rex is an amazingly dynamic presence. His motivational skills are superb. Caroline and the support staff create and atmosphere of accelerated learning - essential for the success of the course. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to be an effective communicator."
          Jack Dillon, Pre-press consultant, Jack Dillon and Associates, Dallas, TX

"Rex is alive! Rex is aware! Rex is focused. Rex is always looking for the way to turn your light on! Rex is making the student feel as if the whole program has been designed just for him. I learned to smile more, to display my true feelings, not to be afraid to let the light come through. (This program was) fast paced, interactive, incremental learning. I felt that in this training program I was truly getting better an better everyday in every way. Rex was in my face, pushing, encouraging me to stretch. All the while working to let the light shine through."
          Nelson Carney, Vice President PC Products, Micro Industries, Nashville, TN

"Rex is far out, but with feet firmly planted! You just won't believe it! Think of a 'color' you've never seen before!"
          Reginald Doherty, President, Bright Ideas, Haverford, PA

"Rex was fun, supportive, focused, patient, professional. Able to elegantly demonstrate what we are aspiring to. GREAT TRAINING! I definitely received more than my money's worth. I will be back again."
          Jim Schroeder, CEO, Productive Living Systems, Whitewater, WI

"Rex is the most dynamic trainer I have ever worked with. He helps to stretch each individual to new heights. His sincerity and commitment to providing the best learning environment raises him high above his competition. IDEA Seminars has done it again, yet another satisfied customer! Rex's brilliance and energy help to create a dynamic learning environment, where making mistakes is just one more step towards discovering your own genius. Keep up the great work!"
          Thomas Olson, IS consultant, The Advance Group, Inc., Edina, MN

"Rex is warm, friendly, kind of like an uncle, patient, insightful and fun. Rex is like a warm sunset wrapping itself around a valley. The breeze is an open meadow. Delightfully caring. A true cup of Java! Now that I've experienced Rex, I believe that he is the best trainer in the field of NLP hands down. His intent to transfer the information and skill is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Most importantly, when you walk out of his class you walk out with all the skills you wanted and more."
          Andre DeLeon, Waiter, Houston, TX

"Rex is not only able to teach people complex skills at an incredible rate, he also continues to surprise me with the rate at which his skills as a trainer improve. That is the best demonstration of someone's knowledge about learning."
          Emery Carr, Evolution Systems, The Woodlands, TX

"Rex is dynamic, expert, entertaining, and powerful. All of my most powerful experiences of positive change have occurred in IDEA Seminars programs. Everything else was baby steps."
          Karen Tretick, Owner, Carefree Healing and Wellness Center, Germantown, MD

"Rex is nice, neat, competent, but very sincerely interested in our success. Absolutely one of the best programs I've attended and participated in. I would... without hesitation recommend this training to those who are willing to work and benefit from good ol'fashion (or new!) commitment. Everything, every comment, every exercise, every piece of feedback, every metaphor, was designed for stretch, support, learning. The entire seminar was paced to the participants level of ability, as a group and individually. This is not always easy, but Rex was sensitive and aware of this from his years of acting and NLP. Rex and Carolyn are sincerely interested and supported me in my success in this seminar and in the world. THANK YOU! A BIG BRIGHT ONE! Much success to you."
          Clayton Miller, Art Therapist, Bowling Green, KY

"Rex is an energetic trainer whose understanding and capability can bring about considerable positive changes in those he's teaching."
          Name withheld upon request, St. Paul, MN

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