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1997 NLP Master Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

“(Rex is) a talented, passionate, and courageous teacher who tirelessly demonstrates and models the behavior an expert communicator requires to build, maintain, and enhance rapport as well as influence the listener. If the student opens the door to his/her heart and mind, just a little, Rex will provide the tools to enable him/her to swing the door wide open, and life is never same again. The advanced modeling course provided the opportunity for me to gain the skills, practice, and tools to become an expert communicator. More importantly I learned how to bring joy, delight, and passion to myself and others. I saw of the filter I used to view the world dissolve before my eyes. I now notice a world full of vivid colors, tunes, and tantalizing sensations. The world is a marvelous place. I imagine some people may have doubts or concerns about the tuition fee. You, your life, your dreams and aspirations are your future. Investing in your future, now, is a smart investment that pays dividends beyond your wildest dreams.”
          Cynthia R. Cauthern, Account Manager, Madison, WI

“As a recent graduate of IDEA seminars practitioner program, I had no idea what to expect when I turned up for the 97 Master Practitioner course. I was wonderfully surprised to find the same exuberant, joyful atmosphere that permeates the practitioner training and apparently everything IDEA does.

Whether you’re talking to them on the phone or asking them questions at 2 a.m. after a day’s training, Rex and Carolyn Sikes are always attentive and happy to see to your every need or answer questions in whatever detail is necessary to satisfy you.

Before coming to WI, I had thought all NLP trainings were probably similar... ‘HELLOOO?!’ Apparently they’re not. I heard people from other practitioner programs say, ‘Is that how you do that?’ and ‘We didn’t learn that!’ and then I began to fully realize that Rex is tops. Not only did everyone deepen the skill levels they brought to the training, Rex taught us much more of the attitude and methodology that underlies NLP so that rather than having a handful of techniques, everyone learned how the mind and NLP interact, thus making us all capable of being flexible and handling each situation on its own merits.... There’s more! Stop being concerned only with a few techniques and start wondering how soon you can discover how rich the experience of life can be.

Rex... brings his expertise to the training and by incorporating DHE and Mind Design™ into the training, gives each and every student the chance to choose: to choose to make life richer, to choose to expand happiness, to choose to become the best person possible. And if you want to become the best person possible, you have to train with Rex and Carolyn. No matter how you examine them, in every aspect of their training, attitudes and behaviors, they stand out as superb examples of human beings well worth modeling, which is what Master Prac. is all about, isn’t it? I have been honored and thrilled to have studied with Rex and heartily recommend that anyone really wanting to learn, adopt him as their mentor. Being with Rex and Carolyn was a peak life experience, and I’m sure that when I die I will still be feeling untold depths of gratitude for the transformation they enabled me to make. And if you would like to transform yourself and reach for the life you envision and hunger for, I invite you to choose, to choose IDEA Seminars... Rex and Carolyn”
          Phillip King, Systems Manager, Ceres, Auckland, New Zealand

“(Rex is) caring, sensitive, loving, respectful, inspirational, entertaining, moving, funny, energetic, hardworking, driven, and wonderful. If you are interested in self starting, self sustaining change and personal development, this is the place to come.

Anyone can teach courses, present material or learn to be a motivational speaker. How many people can behave in loving ways toward all their students, and still do everything conceivable to foster an ability within the students to maintain their own development and continual learning? The skill set we’ve acquired is incredibly vast, yet until that set of skills are taken home, enacted and begin to fuse, they remain like information in a book, potential energy, but not yet harnessed and released.

Rex and Carolyn and their hand-picked highly qualified interns do the things that make the difference in getting students to make use of these skills and ready to use them in safe respectful, powerfully effective ways. If talking about NLP interests you, go elsewhere. If using NLP to make ones own life and the lives of those around you more wonderful, and more exciting in a hundred of delightful ways, then come to IDEA. But hold on, it’s not going to be what you expect.”
          Dave Hamel, Network Administration, Bioware, Edmonton, Canada

“(Rex is) energetic, dedicated and willing to help students get the most from training. Rex’s ability to note where students are stuck and make appropriate suggestions helps each student get the most from the training. Even more important is his willingness to show students where their habitual ways of thinking are preventing them from getting the most from their life.

It’s hard to put in words the value of attending a live training! I have studied NLP on my own for about 10 years. You can learn concepts from a book, but you can only model skills from a living human being. I can’t imagine any better person to learn from than Rex Sikes. He and his interns insure that all student learn the material and, most important, can perform the skills. All the stumbling blocks encountered in self study rapidly crumbled under their guidance. While I came to the seminar to ‘just learn NLP,’ I left knowing more about myself than I ever had. If you are prepared to grow -- attend! If you want only cognitive material -- go elsewhere! If you are ready to grow and learn, you will. I obtained a deeper understanding of NLP , but more importantly, I obtained a deeper understanding of myself. That alone is worth the price of the course. Having attended other types of training in the past, I especially want to note how Rex and his wonderful wife, Carolyn, were always available after class to help students at a very personal level. You won’t find this kind of caring and concern in any other training. They will always have my gratitude for all they have helped me learn. Namaste, Rex & Carolyn.”
          David Tardiff, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“(Rex is) caring and kind. He is a marvelous teacher, who uses all the best possible practices that benefit the class and the individual students. Teachers, young and young-at-heart, will find this program beneficial for all parts of their curriculum. The whole brain aspect of this adventurous learning has got to earn Carolyn and Rex an A+!”
          Nancy Jacobson, Teacher/Web Designer, Jake’s Graphics, Lakeland, MN

“(Rex is) genuinely interested in helping you learn, apply, and integrate the material... This is the second training I have taken; the first being only two months prior. So you can draw your own conclusions as to how impressed I was with the first, especially when you consider that I have flown from England on both occasions to do them. This program was everything and more than I had expected. Again Rex and Carolyn and the interns are there almost 24 hours a day... OK I lie... till usually 2:00 in the morning to discuss and help integrate the material. The fact that the group is together in a residential setting helps cement the group and adds to the validity of the learning experience. As too does the fact that Rex and Carolyn are married... This adds such humanity to their real life examples and metaphors. Thanks guys for all you’ve done for me! Long may your candles light up those of others.”
          Graham Hubbard, Computer Consultant & Therapist, ILS Ltd., Kent, England

“(Rex is) challenging, inventive, and ingeniously subtle. Rex is a dynamic trainer that tests your ability to grow at every turn. Your expectation will be met and surpassed with grace and ease. Stop and prepare yourself for a grand adventure. It starts with IDEA Seminars.”
          Toni Goddard, Flight Attendant, Southwest Airlines, St. Charles, MO

“Rex’s heart is in the right place. He makes sure the participants get whatever changes they want or need. He does what it takes, soft or hard. I saw many of the participants go through wonderful changes. To me that’s a testimony for the course itself. Skills and changes, changes and skills. Rex’s students, in my opinion, are the most talented NLPer’s out there. You can decide for yourself that this is the best training out there.”
          Jim Harris, 1997 IDEA Seminars Intern, and Bartender/Manager, Tavern of the Pier, Chicago, IL

“(Rex is) intelligent, funny, approachable, professional, articulate, well read, interesting, and masterful. Rex’s style of teaching coupled with Carolyn’s superb organization provide a program in the highest standards of professional training and personability. You’ll like the ease of learning new material in a friendly, fun, supportive atmosphere. You learn, absorb, have fun, integrate the material and become competent in a short period of time. It’s fun! And when it’s over, the knowledge and skills go with you as an integral part of you, as well as your complete belief that Rex and Carolyn designed the course with you, the student, foremost in mind. This is a great chance for me to thank them for a masterful job of teaching for their good humor and concern for me getting the most from their work. If you would like to learn NLP in depth, meet these people.”
                                                                   Tom Hennessy, President, CP Products, Inc., Appleton, WI

“Rex is an excellent trainer. As a director is to a play, Rex is to training people in the skill an mastery of NLP... His research into learning how we learn best comes through in the presentation and assimilation of the material. Rex’s mastery in guiding the class to learn and integrate the skill and art of NLP was an inspiration! I have acquired the tools and skills to become a master at NLP. It’s now up to me to use it! The camaraderie, the setting, comfort and ease of having everything in one place was great. I recommend the course to anyone interested in really learning NLP Master Practitioner skills.”
          Suzan Fiskin, Success works!, Laguna Beach, CA

“Rex is a humble man and he claims Harry Houdini was his early model. Rex is the complete opposite in his subtle manner of accessing the public through use of rapport, in comparison to Houdini’s fanfare only. Rex works his magic at all times and places in all manners; he truly uses his ‘mind is the key’ Houdini euphemism pacing and leading this master’s training. He can be tough, but his partner is so capable of moving into situations and bridging through her genius, love, and support that you truly find the course is the greatest.”
          Bonnie Elder, North Los Vegas, NV

“Rex does a fantastic job of training. He gives his all to help the participant achieve their very best. Rex knows his stuff, and uses everything he’s got to transfer what he knows to his students so they can use it in their everyday lives naturally and easily. Almost as entertaining as watching Rex perform his magic during the seminar was watching the students around you gain skills and grow in confidence and competence as the seminar went on. Great stuff.”
          Crissman Loomis, Information Systems Consultant, Japan

“Rex is the only person I’ve ever trained with for NLP, but I can’t imagine there is anyone better. He’s fun, kind, pleasant, challenging, and intense when necessary. There are two things, that to me, stand out: his willingness to help if you make the effort, and just how social he and Carolyn are after hours. I’m sure there are times both are ready to drop from exhaustion, yet they never show it and hang out with us until late in the evening.

First and foremost, I love Rex’s approach & attitude to teaching and using NLP. Using it to improve your life and others, not just rote learning of techniques. What particularly stands out are the non-traditional things taught - walking with confidence, how to move your body gracefully, building and improving connections with others. I’ve learned how to change my beliefs and state anytime I want - I don’t have to depend on someone else to do a technique with me. I’ve learned how to speak better in front of a crowd, and how to control my voice. The small size of the classes allows real friendships to develop. I’ve learned an amazing amount of information in a short time thanks to Rex’s accelerated learning techniques. The classes are always fast paced, never dull. The material is presented in a way that I can apply it to virtually any facet of my life, not just business or therapy. What stands out the most is the friendship I’ve developed over the last year with Rex and Carolyn. They are wonderful, caring people, who truly are committed to helping me achieve my goals and enjoy my life to the fullest. If you train with any other NLP trainer, you’re a fool.”
          Bob Johnston, Courier and aspiring monster-truck rally voice-over, Benson, MD

“Rex is never ‘off’ - he is constantly willing to help and illustrate questions and demonstrate what ‘being NLP’ is, both inside the class and outside the class, until the early hours of the morning. This is never spoon feeding-he always stretched and challenged us all in whatever way was most apt to help us integrate the material.

What do you want? Do you want to have a seminar where your classmates number in the 100’s, in less than glorious surrounding, paying through the nose for expensive hotel rooms, never getting to know the trainer, never making lasting friendships with others and being able to learn and grow with them, getting fact after fact after fact droned into your head with no understanding of the methodology behind them...

Or... you could come and learn with IDEA Seminars. Joining others who come from all over the world to be part of small, totally dynamic classes, to get the best NLP education there is! The ideal combination of Cedar Valley, of 14 days non-stop totally immersion NLP, of fun, of learning, of taking the first step to mastery of the material and finding out how much excitement, energy, and vitality your life can contain. And of course, getting the chance to train with Rex."
          Simon Allardice, Software Developer, Bughouse Soundworks LTD, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Aside from being one of the best trainers in the fields of NLP and DHE today, Rex is the only trainer I know of who really takes the time to make absolutely certain that you will be able to use this material in your everyday life. If you give Rex 1% of your effort and desire, he will give you back 1000% of his. I learn more and more with each program I experience with Rex. He is always there to answer any question I have and to give me feedback at every step of the way. It’s really amazing to consistently see the progress that each and every student of his makes in such a short amount of time. I can really understand how Rex is able to guarantee his programs with such confidence.”
          Emery Carr, 1997 IDEA Seminars Intern, and Owner, Evolution Systems, Durham, NC

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