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1997 4-Day Personal Growth Weekend Student Evaluations
(every student is represented

"Rex is an excellent, warm & intriguing trainer who helps you focus on living in the present while looking to the future. You can begin to notice immediately when you meet him that he is open & inviting and willing to put 110% to help you.

At first I was skeptical about spending money to come here, especially since I am a college student attending an expensive private university. It came to a point where I was questioning why I was going & just looking for reasons why I shouldn't go. Well after obviously following through, I can say that it was well worth the money. I am glad that I've learned so much not only about NLP & Mind Design, but about myself. All that you could ever want is waiting for you right here @ Idea Seminars w/Rex & Carolyn. This has definately been an investment that will reep 10 x (& more) the amount that I initially put in. If you really want to do something you'll find a way; if you don't you'll find an excuse. Do it & you'll charish & remember it for the rest of your life."

Steven Justo, Student, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) energetic, dynamic, knowledgable.

The program was excellent!! Four days of learning experiences that gave me new insights and discoveries. Rex is an excellent trainer. The BEST I have ever had in NLP (& I've experienced a lot of NLP trainers) or any other field. He & Carolyn are available for help and questions outside of class time too. And if that wasn't enough, Rex provides consulting even after the class is over.

I could have saved a lot of time and money if I had just come to IDEA Seminars first!!!"

Barb Kehl, Hypnotherapist, A New Lifestyle, Valparaiso, Indiana

"(Rex is) open, exceptional, wise, motivating."

Bill Pfotzer, Futures Trader, Gillette, New Jersey

"(Rex is) very helpful, giving, and willingness to spend his energy and efforts to help those that need more attention than others.

I feel the course is certainly enriching course. Throughout the last several days, I can see the changes both in myself and the other students in the class. I had the 97 practitioner class and this has went to a deeper level than some of the personal development and it also help reinforce the technology of programming your mind to live the life you want. As Rex says, design the world and live the world like you own it. When you can do that, that is when you have personal power. The personal power to be in totally control of your life and be not be controlled by the influences of others. Using this skills can help reduce uneccessary stress I may experience in my life. Lastly, I feel that the entire staff of IDEA were wonderful and I highly recommended anybody who desires to improve their life take this course and the practitioner course!!"

Paul Wong, Sales Engineer, Greenfield, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) awesome! Dynamic! Always willing to give more.

Wow! This was amazing to bring a group from such a diverse background together in a setting for ultimate growth. Coming into the training Rex & Carolyn did their best to get everyone not just one or two participants to go for more and ask better questions of themselves.

Thinking back to before coming to this workshop I was aprehensive about what was going to occur. Once I arrived any negative thoughts I had disappeared.

When considering where to go for personal growth training, I highly recommend coming to IDEA Seminars. Everything and more that you put in will come out before the end of the experience."

Monica Piechowski, Promotions Director, Redgranite, Wisconsin

"You have leather, thread and tools. Learn to make shoes!"

Lucas Slimspeek, Computer Coordinator, Bloomington, Indiana

"(Rex is) sincere, fun, energetic, knowledgeable, passionate, focused and much more.

Rex and the mind design program is the first process that I feel I can sustain the rest of my life. It uses my mind and thoughts to give control of my emotions and life back to me. It doesn't rely on external devices or gadgets or typical motivation that I've never been able to sustain. I feel so self empowered now and feel it growing every day and in a way that is both liberating and yet allows me to be in control. I really look forward to growing with my mind along this journey and to attending other seminars with Rex in the future."

Larry Sonntag, Sales, Sunco, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) energetic & inspirational. Persists in seeking a response from me by re-stating or re-phrasing his questions until I understand, and patiently waiting for me to think through & compose my response. I now feel 'energized' & 'inspired' and EXCITED to practice the processes & tools he introduced to me!!!"

Kerry Cox, Systems Analyst, Reston, Virginia


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