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1997 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

“(I liked) the personal touch and accessibility, the compassion, the laughter. (I liked) the emphasis on conditioning the attitude and direction instead of techniques. Mind Design™ really is more than one can read about in a book. Rex is a master teacher and guides us to the ultimate states of love and happiness! It is not exactly what I expected, but more than I expected. (Rex is) loving, humble, sensitive, brilliant, clever, compassionate, and very funny and generous.

Wow. It is an experience - a journey to discover how to design your life - not learn a bunch of mental techniques to memorize. Rex’s model of NLP is about attitude, direction, flexibility, and believe it or not... about love and fun.

Before I arrived at this training, I had been exposed to most of the “NLP techniques” that were covered in the training. I wanted a re-fresher. BUT, I had never “experienced” using all these techniques on myself or better yet, discover how to use them on myself - everyday - to empower and direct my life.

The new material Rex has pioneered is totally unique, often subtle, and powerfully effective - Mind Design™ is about conditioning yourself for love, success, laughter and all other “states” that make life grand. Again, the experience is the difference.

If you want to sit and analyze charts, graphs, and learn from a boring textbook - there might be other NLP trainings that are better suited to your left brain. If you want to “experience” NLP, “feel” the shifts in attitude, “refresh” your spirit in an exciting, positive direction - and get superb training... well, you may find Rex Sikes’ training the perfect fit and just what you’re looking for.”
          Bart Baggett, Publisher, Author, Handwriting Expert, Dallas, TX

“Very few things on this earth even come close to the hype of their advertisements. Put IDEA Seminars on the short list where the quality of the program far exceeds the advertisement. No media could ever come close to describing the richness of the NLP Practitioner training I traveled halfway across the world to get. Rex Sikes has created a Disneyland for adults where people can exhilarate in life itself. By combining Mind Design™ and DHE with the practitioner certification program, the atmosphere is created for an easy, yet powerful learning experience. At the same time, the Mind Design™ strategies enable everyone to stretch their boundaries to the furthest possibilities that can be glimpsed. Limited beliefs and self-imposed restrictions are examined and dealt with, giving participants the chance to build their mental map/worldview as they think appropriate.

NLP skills? Sure, Rex is one of the foremost practitioners in the world, and he passes his expertise in to the students, but there’s far more to experience.

Rex and his wife, Carolyn create a climate where a group of people from points all around the world can assemble and magically transform bonds of deep friendship and love in a very short time. Every single person in our class underwent an astonishing metamorphosis and long before the end of the course people were weeping at the thought they would one day disperse.

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in improving the quality of their life should head for Milwaukee with all possible haste. I can say from the bottom of my heart to each and every person reading this that the two weeks I spent at IDEA Seminars were two of the finest and most memorable weeks of my life. Rex, Carolyn, and the program are worth ten times the investment a person makes to participate.”
          Phillip King, Systems Manager, New Zealand

“Gosh! (I liked) everything! (This seminar) helps you understand other people and yourself. (Rex is) dynamic, energetic, and powerful! Rex is very interesting person who is very willing to help you at all occasions - super generous character. This course was better than any course that I took before. The expectations of this seminar far exceeded what I had in mind. When I first saw the IDEA Seminars’ brochure, I did not think very much about it because I had most everything I want in life. I was a very highly confident person and very successful with my life prior to the seminars. My first reaction to NLP Practitioner training was that I really don’t need this because I was highly motivated, had good people skills, and have good relationships with people. When I did sign up for this training, I was hoping it will sharpen my business skills. Not only did I get the business skills, I got a whole lot more. The training helped me develop skills to communicate with myself and others far exceeding what I ever had before. Now, I can begin to live my life the way I really want to. This seminar taught me skills to give me direction where I want in my life. For anyone who is in the same situation like me, take the course and radically change your life! Thanks Rex and Carolyn Sikes. They are the best instructors! Their generosity and willingness to help is unbelievable. Their livelihood involves helping and making people’s lives better. Thanks again!!!”
          Paul Wong, Technical Sales, Des Plaines, IL

“(I liked the) personal attention from Rex and Carolyn and the emphasis on practice. (Rex is) energetic, funny, entertaining, sharp, concerned and compassionate. Participating in the training sharpened my awareness of how I cause other people to react to me and how I can attain rapport with others. I learned how easily one may establish rapport and friendship with people whose values and goals seem dramatically opposed to yours. I was able to practice and develop skills and patterns to change unproductive behavior patterns with myself, my wife and at work. In addition, Rex’s use of suggestion and embedded commands made the assimilation faster and smoother. It is my understanding after speaking to many of my classmates that Rex and Carolyn are in the minority of NLP trainers who intentionally keep class sizes small and intimate and direct the entire program themselves: I was lucky to find a program like this...”
          Barry M. Gordon, M.D., Staff, Internal Medicine, Cleveland, OH

“(I liked) the group camaraderie, the ability for 20 diverse people to work together to learn about human behavior and consciousness. (Rex is) animated, committed to insuring the personal growth of each attendee.

If you are ready to explore your own patterns of behavior and motivation sources so that you can shape your own future easily and naturally, then sign up today for IDEA Seminars Mind Design™ NLP course now. Both Rex and Carolyn are 100% committed to your personal growth and ensuring you have the attitude and tools to design your own life in a positive and empowering manner. You just might find that the world is a joyous and wonderful place and that you have all the resources you need to thrive.”
          Betsy Wasmer, Manager - Information Services, Springfield, IL

“Rex is a fantastic trainer. He’s very thorough about the information he’s offering. He makes it very easy to understand and is always enthusiastic about answering any questions the students may have.

Having read similar letters to this one before attending the seminar helped me in my decision to attend. So, with that in mind, I’d like to tell you that deciding to attend a seminar now will be one of the best decisions you’ll have made in your life. It IS a life changing decision and a life changing experience. The tools you’ll be given to use will help you move in any direction you’d like to. If you embrace them and give yourself the permission to explore them, your possibilities are infinite. You’ll see positive changes even as soon as the first day of the seminar and you’ll hear from others in the group experiencing the same life enhancing changes. It is an opportunity worth a thousand times what you’ll pay out of your pocket. Sign up for that seminar you’ve had in mind now, pat yourself on the back for doing it and then hang on for the ride of your life!! FANTASTIC!!”
          Megan Carl, Small Business Owner, Excelsior, Minnesota

“I did like the open and safe learning environment, supportive and friendly training staff; knowledgeable, skillful and experienced trainer, emphasis on fun, attitude and skills as well as mastery. Rex is a true master trainer and excellent teacher who has a talent to teach effective NLP skills and attitudes and at the same time present all material in a fun and enjoyable way with direction to continue mastering the skills afterwards.

If you want to become an expert in NLP and to master this field, the excellent place to do it is IDEA Seminars. You will have a wonderful time to learn about NLP, to learn new skills and new behaviors, to build new relationships and friendships. You will have opportunities to live and learn in such a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment that you will be delightfully surprised and satisfied after you complete it, having new skills and learnings.”
          Rod Chaicaus, International Graduate Student, Terre Haute, IN

“I learned so much... (Rex is a) kind and caring man. Rex will help you out the best he can. I recommend NLP Practitioner Training to anyone, but only if you train with Rex. I believe him to be one of the best trainers I ever trained with. I will be back for the Master Practitioner Training.”
          Dean Franzen, Student/Lathe Operator, Waterbury, CT

“Rex is a master communicator who is able to create a total learning experience, by combining an uncanny ability to express, in words which flow effortlessly, in gestures and voice tonality which emphasize the important points, a delightful and emotional effect.

Even though I know of NLP, I was a little apprehensive about going to a seminar for 14 days. Carolyn explained the “Mind Design” concept to me, and it fulfilled all of my expectations.

Rex Sikes is an unusually interesting, talented, and exciting teacher, and went out of his way to see that everyone would have an opportunity to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

He, and his talented staff, were eager to participate in our exercises and even stayed after hours to help anyone who wished to practice with them.

Cedar Valley is an ideal location of this kind of seminar, and the accommodations, staff, and food were more than satisfactory.

All of the above is only a prelude to the fact that while this was an extraordinary learning experience, I came away with the motivations to remain on a path for daily personal growth which will remain with me always.

Thank you, Rex and Carolyn.”
          Norman J. Lewis, Retired, Hobe Sound, FL

“Rex and Carolyn, I wanted to write to tell you that your seminar came at a time which was very important to me, and in the first week afterward, proved to have value. My work involves a lot of work with people, of many cultures and experiences, and your seminar has given me a good beginning to learn how to communicate better. I also have found ways to apply the exercises you taught as vehicles to help others. In one particular case, an adult in a program I coordinate who is volunteering to act as a mentor to an adolescent youth is taking the exercise of 'good and new' and using it to good effect. I thank you for this and all that transpired during the seminar, and feel this has made a difference for me.”
          Jerry Goldberg, Adolescent Caseworker, Chicago, IL

“(I liked) the emphasis on ‘doing’, information well presented, lots of good information, exercises were well-designed and very helpful in learning the material. Feels good to laugh a lot - on the inside too! (Rex is) humorous, sensitive style of presenting makes learning more enjoyable and fun. Rex is approachable and seems genuinely interested in assisting us to learn the material.

Someone very wise once told me, “if you want to really learn something IMMERSE yourself in it”. I can’t think of a better environment to immerse yourself in than the one provided by Rex and Carolyn. They really care about students learning, and go the extra mile. I really enjoyed learning in the supportive, helpful environment they’ve provided.”
          Chris Rausch, Software Engineer, Boynton Beach, FL

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