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Full Index of Student Evaluations
1997 Trainers' Training Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)
(trainers training class size is limited to 10 students)

"The more I train with Rex, the more amazed I become at the depth and range of his abilities. At first, I might not have fully appreciated the way the trainings are adjusted to bring out the best in every student. I have seen transformations in people I would have had difficulty believing before coming to train with Rex. And what's more, I have experienced those transformations myself. This is the 3rd time this year I have traveled 5000 miles to train at IDEA Seminars. I have not regretted a second of any of it. Trainers Training has taken me far beyond where I expected to be - and I had high expectations to begin with. I have changed from hesitance to enjoyment, from indifference to confidence. I have found the program has also been wonderful in bringing together my NLP skills to a point where I can use them practically and congruently from public speaking, to one-on-one, to changing my own states easily and naturally. The class - the colleagues, the co-conspirators, have been a great source of help and inspiration. The program let us grow and support each other in so many ways, and have so much fun in doing it. Once again, I regret that I have to leave and that the time has passed so quickly. Thank you, Rex and Carolyn. A truly
life-changing experience."
          Simon Allardice, Software Developer, Edinburgh, Scotland

"(Rex is) dynamic, energetic, expert in many fields. Caring - excellent, excellent teacher. The training and trainers were AWESOME!!! I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in public speaking and/or NLP. Rex makes learning fun, easy and challenging all at the same time. He teaches skills so that I can use not only in public speaking but with friends and family. My life has improved greatly since taking classes form IDEA Seminars. Don't waste your time and money going to other NLP seminars. I know I've experienced several. IDEA Seminars is the BEST!!!"
          Barbara Kehl, Hypnotherapist, A New Lifestyle, Valparaiso, IN

"Rex is a combination of so many wonderful things. He has a presence that will captivate you, his timing is impeccable. He is totally prepared and knowledgeable. Rex brings an energy and vitality and sustains it for 10-12-14 hours each and every day. His range of emotional expression both physically and verbally are not only amazing but also totally appropriate for the moment. On the first day of Trainers Training, I was brand new to speaking in front of groups. Rex and his staff made me feel totally comfortable and with each day and each exercise I felt more and more comfortable. Even when speaking to the guys - I also felt the group - the other participants - were just fabulous in being both supportive and at the same time helpful with feedback for all of us. I grew as a speaker and as a person every day as Rex nurtured, challenged and supported each of us every step of the way. I feel I have come so very far in just 6 days and look forward to continuing to practice, refine and improve my speaking a little bit more each and every day - for the rest of my life. The training, Rex and his staff were responsible for this - their energy, humor, concern and eagerness to go the extra mile really came through. Rex demonstrated and spoke with a polish, sense of confidence - professional demeanor and range of emotions that he is one of the finest people I think I could ever model as a speaker, trainer or a communicator. I can't say strongly enough what a great 6 days this was - for all of the above reasons."
          Larry Sonntag, President, Sunco, Cedarburg, WI

"(Rex is) masterful, friendly, talented, energetic, inspiring, professional, focused, entertaining, quick witted, accepting, compassionate, patient, available, down to earth. My first experience with IDEA Seminars was a delightful conversation over the phone with Carolyn. I gained valuable insight into a curiosity about relationships. I was immediately at ease with our conversation and basically made up my mind immediately that the Trainers Training was the one for me. I congratulate myself on the decision - it was the right one for me. Rex also allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease. The amount of information, tools and practical hands-on speaking experience was simply incredible. Rex has a beautiful way of encouraging and challenging people to go through fear and do things they didn't dream of ever being able to do. Each time I felt as though I'd never get it or felt overwhelmed, the next exercise was the one I needed to continue. This is the first time I've ever actually felt the integration of new skills and ways of being happen. This is truly a life changing event and I am grateful to Rex and Carolyn for their patience, knowledge, skill and mastery. I was delighted, entertained, and changed. Thanks Rex. Thanks Carolyn. And thanks to all the participants in this program. I recommend the Trainers Training whole heatedly."
          Tim Barlen, Manager, Bella Vita, Seattle, WA

"Rex cares enough to be tough. Each person brings with them the ability to be better and Rex provides a mirror in which I could see what I really needed to do. It's wonderful in the information age to find Rex leading us back to being people. There are times and places you can look back on and say that your life changed in some way. The courses that Rex teaches are certainly that and yet there is more. To come to an IDEA Seminar is to learn to make each day a new opportunity to find something good and new. What a blessing it is to find yourself changing in ways that are delightful and profound. Some NLP programs are about content, structure and form but most are not about using your own abilities to their fullest. Shame on them for losing the most important aspect of learning. If you really want to make some changes in your life and outlook - go be with Rex in Wisconsin."
          John T. Cox, Hypnotherapist, Art Spirit Institute and Technical Director, Planning Systems, Inc.,
                            Reston, VA

"(Rex is) intelligent, bright, and a natural genius. He was interesting and caring about everyone's personal growth and a trainer.... a great teacher of NLP. Funny, witty, philosophical and a true artisan... I learned how to use my NLP skills to teach, entertain, inspire, empower and most importantly to learn how to focus energy. I re-learned how to add play, humor, with and fun in my life from Rex and Carolyn. The students of life who come to training were inspiring and very, very interesting. To become a trainer was our true mission here at trainers training. Life is Grande!"
          Nelson Santiago Beltran, Systems Engineer and MSCIS Grad Student, University of Phoenix,
                                              Grosse Ile, MI

"(Rex is) very accessible and easy to talk to as well as being very knowledgeable about many subjects beyond NLP and DHE (e.g. magic, movies, etc.). (I) really appreciate his commitment to keeping his promise to go the extra mile if we (I) would approach him first. The promise that I would get specific personal attention during, before and after class hours and there was a follow-up consultation program along with a reasonable price made my decision for me to attend. I had plenty of time on stage, every day of the seminar always followed by detailed critiques plus a video to keep for future reference. I learned as much from the times teacher and students ate together - a rarity or impossibility in other companies' programs - as I did in the official seminar meeting room. This made every waking hour a learning opportunity."
          Charles M. Jenkins, Jr. Senior Sales Representative, Seoul, Korea

"I would like to tap into his (Rex's) genuine energy and enthusiasm! ... He is willing to be humble, yet powerful. Rex has the ability and the gift to be appreciated as a trainer's trainer. He tastefully blends humor with learning which achieves super results. To sum it up... simply grand."
          Errol Gerstler, Financial Director, Mortgage Consultants, Inc. Valparaiso, IN

"(Rex is) Genuine! Sincere! And motivated to help you bring out the best in yourself and others. Once again, Rex has out done himself with this fabulous program. Rex accompanies you on this miraculous ride known as transformation. You will never view speaking in front of an audience as anything other than a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow, after you attend trainers training."
          Toni Goddard, Flight Attendant, St. Charles, MO

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