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Full Index of Student Evaluations
1998 NLP Master Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"Rex is simply such an experienced and knowledgeable teacher of NLP and Mind Design™. There is a certain magical quality that goes with his presence; perhaps because his awareness and teachings are so skilled at addressing us both in our conscious and unconscious selves; perhaps because of his extensive prior life experience. Bottom line is that we the students have such a unique and wonderful opportunity in our lives to be able to spend this considerable length of time in such an unusual and yet so potentially enriching environment. Tell me when such an opportunity occurs in most people's lives! Can you say, 'never'.

As they were in the Practitioner Course, the other trainers/interns were always there and available for the student to get information and feedback from. The respect and professionalism they demonstrated is an important ingredient in setting the tone at these 14 day meetings.

I was going to say that what could be improved was more using one-on-one coaching by Rex, where there would be more verbal interplay of conscious 'concrete thoughts' with suggestions for specific actions for the student to consider taking. But, since Rex teaches us primarily through behavioral learning, as well as utilizing our unconscious learning, along with conscious learning, that notion becomes really quite insignificant, if not totally irrelevant. I am aware that Rex, as he did with me, did teach us in our areas of need and or area of questioning him, both during class and outside of class. I can only smile when I think of how Rex typically leads his students to learn, both in course issues and more personal issues. I also think that because I had to come upon much of my learning through my own internal processes without any 'spoon feeding' by the instructor(s), I think the 'answers' that I experienced were more profound, and laid the groundwork of insight and inner trust which then becomes even more valuable. Perhaps, here is the metaphor of learning to fish is more valuable than being provided a fish.

I completed both the Practitioner training course and the Master Practitioner Course in the summer of 1998. I came to Rex's courses with a string interest in the general field of motivation as well as NLP. My primary teachers had been Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. In the Practitioner Course, I learned a lot about NLP and went away with a variety of both personally insightful and behaviorally useful learning experiences. However, what occurred in the Master Course for me, was distinctly more profound. After the first week, I found myself interacting with others and experiencing life in a much more vibrant and confidant manner. I'd describe my moment-to-moment life experiencing going from a more dissociated tendency (and still very motivated) to more of an engaged associated person. It has been five weeks now since I finished the Master Course, and I am still very consistently experiencing life from this more dynamic, and I believe congruent state. My relationships, my job performance, and my happiness have all improved (and they weren't bad before). The added bonus is the ease of which I am now finding myself integrating some of my former favorite areas of distinctions (beliefs, rules, goals, and reframing) in a very balanced and enjoyable way, and still wonderfully maintaining my overall 'newer self'. Life was good and its become even better!"
          Jerry DeBoer, Owner, DeBoer Medical Staffing, Greendale, WI

"(Rex is) energetic, comic, good entertainer, knows his material and how to present it.

This is not one of the usual 9 - 5 trainings where you sit and learn technique after technique. This seminar is directed towards the underlying principles. Besides being stretched in numerous directions, without being aware of it, it was great fun. The seminar consists of laughing, laughing, dancing and doing general exercises. Maybe the seminar should be considered rehearsal for how to have more fun in life, respect other people and flexible communication.

Time flies by, after a slow start, about the double of other seminars. Rex's skills gear and switches on the turbo. If you're ever thinking 'I can't do this' is past by Rex's own ongoing demonstrations during breaks, lunch, dinner, and other late night activities. This seminar isn't about other people, it is about learning both how to communicate with yourself and as a result communicate better in the life 'real' life. It's about choice, go first, and not learning is not a choice here during the seminar. Rex's assistants and other participants make sure everybody is learning in a fun way. NLP is a full body process, using language patterns, your voice and your body, and humor to convey your message. Therefore you learn to improve your voice. You use your body and humor during the seminar. Don't go to this seminar if you are not ready to learn, study, laugh and have fun. Just imagine the ordeal of a laughing meditation. This is a wonderful place to take a rest, to study, to recharge the battery and enjoy excellent service."
          Marcus Plangger, Project Manager, TUV Rheinland Japan, Osaka, Japan

"(Rex is) very caring. A master of embedded commands and unique and outrageous anchoring. A great hugger. His uses of fast rapport and fast anchoring was AMAZING I didn't know anyone could do that but now I do. His smile warmed my heart every single time I saw it aimed in my direction. I got the feeling he really cared about me as a person and wanted me to do well.

I learned new language patters at absolutely amazing speed. I experienced an awesome amount of love for myself and others. Many of my preferred meta programs shifted to ones more beneficial to my work and life in general. I am definitely at more choice in my life. My world is different! I have far more compassion for myself and others now. I can hardly wait to get back to my life at home now and grow my success exponentially. I want Rex to know that I know soooo much more went on during the training than was ever spoken. Thank you for all the gifts! I appreciate you very much for your heart, for your care. I learned great use of language patterns and embedded commands, more elegance in anchoring and much more compassion for others."
          Susan Morton, Portland, Oregon

"Rex is an incredible man, caring, compassionate and genuinely concerned for the well being and growth of his students ands everyone. Gifted in his ability to communicate on many levels. Very funny. Able to convey his thoughts and knowledge thoroughly and humorously. The one thing that stands out most is the care he takes.

I learned to be more accepting of others, especially the people I love,. The skills, tools and experience will effect all the aspects of my life.

All of the interns were excellent, readily available and eager to help. Thank you.

Where do I start? Arriving at Cedar Valley you become aware immediately of the beautiful surroundings. Eager to explore the Wisconsin countryside. It gets better from there. Greeted and made to feel welcome by everyone you meet. Delightful. When training begins you realize quickly how much of a treat you're in for. Rex creates an atmosphere of complete acceptance and eager anticipate for what is to come. With great humor and compassionate, Rex continually directs your focus to the positive, the possible, the choice to not only have a blast but to learn all kinds of things while you're having it. From day one and continuing all through till the close of your last evening and beyond you'll be amazed at the many different ways you'll be impacted. Rex has a way of taking what you think will be very complex material and sharing it in such a way that you'll think 'Gosh I really knew that all the time'. Whether by that light bulb over your head experience or by gradual integration things become clear and simple. Absolutely thorough in covering the material yet woven into a tapestry of laughter and humor and good times. You're not learning, you're playing but you are learning quickly and completely. When you choose a training experience with IDEA Seminars know that you'll get the best they have and the best available anywhere. Thank you! Cedar Valley staff are wonderful."
          Richard Thor Alday, Restaurant Manager, Blue Gardenia, Tampa, FL

"Rex is an amazing person, a great source of knowledge, a master in juicing people to discover the best of themselves. An artist that will give you many ways to turn your world into a wonderful symphony or maybe a great panoramic painting.

The most intense discovery I made is the many ways I could use love, tenderness to become a true friend for my family, friends and spouse.

He shares and talks about what he like a wide and deep resource to draw from. I have done practitioner and master practitioner. Master Practitioner was a wonderful experience I will carry through all my life. Rex taught me how to become the person that fulfills his dreams. Keeping love and friendship for everybody. The training took us on a joyful ride to discover more and more about myself. To become a master for many skills that I know I will benefit from all my life. If you are looking for an experience to change your life to the best you be here. Enjoy it and no matter how much you downbeat it you will experience a tremendous growth. When you don't want a lazy 14 days of structured information flowing system you could just leave any other training and jet away with the most incredible training abilities of Rex. When you feel that all that matters is your abilities to expand, your skills to sharpen, when you really want to know that you will get the best of your time and money. Just be here with Rex. When you want your friends and the people around you to be amazed with your development that Rex will lead you to, you just take my advice IDEA seminars is the best place in the whole world. You can't compare this training to any other. Nothing like this experience was put together in such and elegant, funny, stretching ways that anybody could ever dream about. Everything here has been wonderful!"
          Louay Zambarakzi, Marketing, Beirut, Lebanon

"(Rex is) very funny, very smart. Surely, he will make a big contribution to the field of NLP. I enjoyed that he pushed us to really think, which will force us to discover new things. He really knows his stuff. He is as powerful as Richard Bandler but more social and less weird.

The interns were great, caring, excellent. I learned increased state control, chunking up and down and a lot of insights in modeling.

A very good training and seminar. Rex really helps people to grow and find new experience in life. To see a bunch of people standing on a stage doing stand up comedy that is both powerful and funny is amazing and breath taking, considering the fact that the majority of us had no experience whatsoever with comedy two days before. Rex has taken modeling from mumbo-jumbo to the world of common sense. Easy and applicable to life. It is also a funny training where I got friends from the whole world. Cedar Valley is a good place to be. After 14 days it feels like home! The surroundings are wonderful!"
          Lars Thomasson, Journalist, Thomasson Konsult, Uppsala, Sweden

"Rex is an excellent, professional trainer who has a deep well-founded knowledge of all aspects of NLP. Furthermore, I feel he has the appropriate frame of mind.

I learned rapport, calibration, language and sleight of mouth patterns.

Rex, the trainer, appears to have a much broader based knowledge of NLP than any other master trainer of NLP that I have yet met in Germany. Training with this man will light your candle. Those participants who had experienced the practitioner training at IDEA are evidence of his skill and frame of mind."
          Paul Shortt, Suggestology Trainer, Sprach-Rat, Germany

"(Rex is) genuine, funny, nurturing, perceptive.

I learned attitude, attitude, attitude, state, state, state!!!

Can I live here at Cedar Valley forever? I had taken the practitioner 2 months ago and couldn't believe everything I learned then. Then, Master Practitioner went deeper into the material, especially language patterns and meta programs. Having 13 people instead of 33 made for closer relationships and personally better learning for me. Working with the groups and (doing other activities) were foreign to me and a big stretch. In your program, we break new barriers and I've come to realize state and attitude are everything. Choosing to be happy is so important and just asking the right questions to get you where you want to go. You really can't put a monetary value on the skills we learned, however if I did it would be $3000.00 gets you total self esteem, helping people and if money is your goal with the skills we've learned only your creativity and having the balls to go first and get an outcome or result will enable you to do anything you desire. The fact that Carolyn had the baby during the seminar was like icing on the cake and the ultimate anchor for life. I hope Rex that I can reciprocate ion some small way of anything I can do for the gifts you have given me and that our friendship can deepen in the future. Thanks!"

          Tom P., Waukesha, WI

"(Rex is) warm, genuine. His skills speak for him.

Coming back after 2 years - would it be a waste of money? boring? It was great! The people in the training were new and so was Rex. He is shining new light of NLP and this is reflected in his emphasis. Even when he showed the same video it was different not only because I am different but because we were directed to look for different things than before. What hasn't changed is the humor, warmth and pleasant atmosphere that surrounds Rex and spreads out to reach all of us participants. The atmosphere that enables caring and giving and receiving - the unmasking that occurs as we move through the training! A very satisfying experience."
          Jan Ossorio Taniguchi, Professor of Humanities, Nishinomiya, Japan

"(Rex is) an exceptional human being. Someone who seems to have figured out (as much as humanly possible) the meaning of life - and then chunked it down to the everyday living of life. Rex understands what it means to have a wonderful life and how that is intimately tied to the universe around him.

They interns are an outstanding example of what life is about, going first, high on life and enormously compassionate, highly skilled and entertaining and a delight to learn from.

This has been an excellent seminar as far as presenting advanced communication skills and ideas, within a framework that ties together the elements in a way that is personally and professionally useful. This seminar has been particularly delightful in that it far exceeded its billing and my expectations in many areas. If you suspect that you're always getting more of what you've always got because you've become patterned in your thinking, Rex's seminar is a wonderful opportunity to discover how to run your brain differently for a change. Thoroughly enjoyed staying at this beautiful place."
          Allen Gomes, Perth, Western Australia

"(Rex is) hysterically funny, honest, sincere, gifted, outrageous, unbelievable, exciting, talented, compassionate, adventurous, humorous, highly skilled, eager.

The interns were warm, loving, funny.

I learned to go first, happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy. (I learned the following...) Don't just sell but enrich their life and mine. Sort for good and new always, if stuck then move, don't open the door for clowns, write out 25 blessings daily, sleight of mouth patterns and general model of communication I'll use both daily and at work."
          Daniel Adam Fritsch, General Manager, Keyport, NJ

"How delightful to find someone with such wide ranging skills to watch and use to develop within oneself. How much can be learnt form watching the interactions between Rex and the group as a whole as well as with myself and others individually.

The interns were excellent, wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout the training.

An excellent mind expansion experience. If I have as many realizations about how my mind works and how my communication skills are improving throughout the next two weeks as I have had over the last two weeks I'll have used about 5 years worth of the old me's realizations. How delightful to realize I can keep the new skills and abilities to continue to expand myself and my friends realities with the same or maybe even higher rates of realizations. Hey - I think I finally got this behavioral stuff and I am going to enjoy myself surprising my friends and family by using these skills and sense of humor in many new ways. What's good is I know I'll be continuing along my life's path with new friends from all around the world and that I'm sure we will continue to surprise each other. By the way, since as far as I am aware there's only one mosquito in the UK and I've never been bitten by it. I suggest to anyone in a similar situation that you bring huge amounts of insect repellent with you. Many thanks to everybody for their input into the two weeks and I wish fruitful and joyful lives to all particularly the youngest and newest arrival. I look forward to returning and discovering how parenthood has effected the training from Rex and discovering how much Sydney has grown. Cheers now!"
          Jill Thompson, Sheffield, UK

"(Rex is) a master trainer sincerely dedicated to helping all his students achieve their outcomes. He is thoughtful, compassionate and skilled in his ability to get others to stretch to their fullest most joyful self.

I learned so much, I wonder where I could begin. For instance new beliefs regarding relationships, my abilities, my talents and new beliefs with respect to what I have to offer.

I found the interns to be sincere, helpful and compassionate.

A profound experience! Indeed Rex's training encapsulates for me what NLP is all about. NLP is about living a quality of life, having the right attitude and the methodology to go out a make life wonderful for yourself and those people who touch your life. I've done two practitioner programs and one other master practitioner course and I can honestly say that only now do I feel as though I have the skills, the attitude and the condition to make my life a portrait. Thank you Rex and Carolyn. I look forward to hosting a training for you in Ottawa, Canada. PS It is really the first NLP training I've taken where I discovered that I am okay and don't need to be fixed. How empowering!"
          Dyanne Wilson, Figure Skating Coach, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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