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1998 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"Rex is very caring and humble. He is very personable and accessible. He cares about people and has a good heart.

Your interns were a real asset to the team. Skillful, caring, giving, and had a lot of energy.

(What I immediately will apply is) how to create and use resource states.

This truly was a great NLP education. There was a tremendous amount of content and it was fun as well. Rex, Carolyn and the assistants were wonderful, good- hearted people. It was particularly strong with the experiential aspects of NLP. I have a lot of practical knowledge that I can further develop and apply in my work and at home. I feel I got my money's worth and am looking forward (to) life with the new skills I have acquired here."
          John Parades, OLAP World, Inc. President, Tampa, Florida

"(Rex is) an incredible trainer. Knows how to train each and every one at the same time. Rex will reach your spirit and your mind quicker and smoother than you could ever imagine. Superb talents to model and follow.

Your interns smiles and enthusiasm is impressive. They are always there to help. Full of surprise and life.

(What I immediately will apply is) we learned a new skill everyday.

Truly, it is the ultimate program one can ever find. It is not about doing NLP, it is not even about being NLP, it is much more. It (is) about getting up and living your life to the fullest using Rex's techniques and NLP The tremendous amount of learning packed in an elegant and easy to acquire method, leads you to remodel all of yourself to become a truly new person, acquire all of the skills and the techniques of NLP. And the best comes when already, before the end of the program, you will see and feel yourself alive with NLP and facing your future with admirable energy, love and laughter. If your money is important, Rex's 14 days is the greatest fortune you could bring into your life. Carolyn, Rex and the intern's smiles will surely improve your blood circulation and your heart beat."
          Louay Zambarkji, Computer Engineer Beirut, Lebanon

"(Rex has) great integrity, wisdom, humor, depth and broad knowledge and insights about NLP, hypnosis and life. He teaches not only NLP but something more, something that is very important - how to live life and celebrate by discovering and using all the resources we already have inside ourselves. He is warm, direct, fun and always ready to help. He is like a super bright candle lighting all of us here.

The interns are great. Very skillful in helping us to do the

(What I immediately will apply is) 1. The new attitude about life that is to 'live, love, laugh and celebrate'! 2. Setting myself in the resourceful state in everyday life by using the skills we have learned.

I have been through quite a few personal growth seminars and other NLP related seminars. In each of these seminars I learned a lot about myself and life. I feel I am growing all the time, become more resourceful, stronger, wiser and having many different level of breaking throughs in these seminars. But, this one is different from all the seminars I have been. I feel I have really got what I wanted all the time, that is, a sense of freedom, joy, love, happiness just to be myself. It's like I free my soul."
                                                         Xi Chen, Milpitas, CA

"(When it comes to Rex and the seminar) some things you just have to experience for yourself.

I came to a new understanding about what other people's motivations and perceptions are, and how to meet their needs as well as my own. The interns were great!"
          Don Curfman, Programmer/Analyst, White Bluff, IN

"(Rex is) energetic, thoughtful, clear, receptive, loving, open, honest, very knowledgeable, intuitive, with a clear understanding of the scope of his position. As a trainer he guards against the 'Savior Syndrome'.

The interns really know this (stuff) and are a pleasure to talk with. (They are) a delight and very sharing and giving.

(What I immediately will apply is) how to communicate with others the way they want to be communicated with. Also how to effectively listen and really discover the meaning of their words.

When I found out my company was sending me to this training I had no idea what a remarkable mind expanding, joyful and rich experience I would be gifted with. I now have 36 new friends that I will carry in my heart and be able to draw upon as resources. The world is a much brighter, wonderful, and intriguing place since I have had this experience. I have been told in the past that I had choices and the ability to do anything, but this training demonstrated that power and energy I possess. I am able to conquer any challenge I am faced with and see my past any way I choose to see it. I can do anything I put my mind to and this training puts a mirror to my face and showed me my inner strength . This training has given me the gift to fall in love with my wife all over again, find new joy in my work, and see the universe with child-like awe. Thank you, thank you!"

          Jeffrey A. Heistad-Johnson, Rehabilitation Specialist, Whitewater, WI

"(Rex is) Commitment + Passion = excellence. (He has) the ability to extract the very best from you and feed it back in a useful form. I don't just know NLP anymore I own it - it's a part of me.

The interns were both super sharers, the same passion about empowerment and using your brain as do Rex and Carolyn.

(What I immediately will apply is) Rex's focus Directed Questions, well formed outcomes, anchoring and how to get unstuck.

The unique blend of Rex's rich past and a commitment to excellence will add up to many powerful positive changes for anyone willing to just open their mind to new possibilities with Rex. I have never been to another trainer that the trainer hangs out with everybody after the 'doors close'. Till midnight if that is what it takes for you to really get it. Under promise and over deliver - what a concept! I got much, much more than I ever could have imagined. Starting from the first call to the trip back to the airport. I'm sure I'll be getting return on this investment in my future for years and years. Thank you Rex!"
          Greg Hillman, Mullins and White Energy, Vice-President Allen, TX

"(Rex is) loving and caring person, sincere, funny, knowledgeable. Humble, entertaining, supportive, helluva a great guy!

(What I immediately will apply is) Rex's Directed Questions, goal clarification and rapport.

The interns are helpful and supportive, wonderful people to train with.

It was an incredible experience! Like being born again without going through reincarnation! I learned valuable tools I'll be able to use the rest of my life. Experience the magic!"
          Terry Poulton, Stock Broker, Nashville, TN

"(Rex is) caring, willing to experiment, able to command attention immediately, and hold it. Observant, congruent, dedicated to his task.

The interns are a lot of fun, responsive and helpful. They were all pleasant. The whole experience was a delight.

(What I immediately will apply is) I will be much more gentle and thorough with pacing and leading with family, and I will use rapport, values and Submodalities in business.

This course came at a transition time form me, just after my entire department was axed in a merger. I arrived here with another job offer, but I had not accepted it yet, and I was feeling anxious and unsure of my direction. With the help of Rex and my fellow seminar participants I feel a new confidence and power. I have accepted the job and already have begun plans for ways to design my job as well as to design my mind. More importantly, I will apply the skills of this seminar to my home life. I had taken more 'pumped up' NLP events in the past, but while I soared, it overwhelmed many people who were also important in my life, and I was less than glorious at times in my behavior toward them. Rex has shown me how to see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and feel their feelings so that I can be gentle and elegant with my skills. All in all, it was fun, very useful, and I will be back for Master Track!"
          Jim Bondelid, Philadelphia, PA

"Rex is articulate and full of much knowledge from which anyone can benefit. He appears to me to be 'on purpose' with his delivery. He seems to calibrate often and use his many resources in the position he takes as 'guide.

The interns were generous to offer personal experiences, positive and upbeat.

I came here on overload professionally. I am going away with new perspective, new and/or reinforced knowledge, new resources, skills and an imbedded reality of choice in my life. I thought I was coming here to figure out how to use this in our company's educational efforts/programs. I have learned that will occur in many more ways than I may have imagined. My own personal growth and improvement is actually the resource that will fuel what I can do in my personal and professional contributions hereafter. My personal recommendations are to be open, take what you can use and remember that you can learn to like something, accept something, or change that thing for yourself. If you are very lucky you'll be able to offer some of that to other's lives also."
          Mary Jo Duncan, Couseco, Asst. V.P. Marketing Education, Carmel, IN

"(Rex is) outstanding - always in the process - gives the class his full attention - and models the behaviors both in and out of the classroom.

Interns were excellent resources for all of the techniques.

(What I immediately will apply is) to go first - move to change states, give the other person your full attention, all responses are feedback and only I can choose.

This is the most comprehensive workshop I have ever taken. The intellectual portion was complimented by lots and lots of practical drills. Having this experience in the workshop will allow me to take these skills back home and start to work with them immediately. I believe that Rex and Carolyn truly believe in what they are doing and that flows through to the learning process. This experience has been two weeks I will never forget."
          Sam Ferguson, General Manager, Pleasanton, CA

"(Rex) seems to know where a student is at during the program and will help them understand the material in a way that is fun and friendly and that he will help the person integrate the material for use in their daily life. He teaches students to celebrate life. I will immediately use what I learned about rapport and respect. The interns were helpful and insightful. Rex teaches state of the art NLP in a fun way. The exercises that I went through allowed me to use the skills in a systematic way, one piece at a time, integrating them, with each exercise building upon the other. Rex teaches you the foundation on how to run your own brain. It was transformational, educational and above all fun. This training gives you the tools to transform your life. A must for someone who wants lasting personal change."
          Jim Purvis, St. Paul, MN

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