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Full Index of Student Evaluations
1998 Trainers' Training Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)
(trainers training class size is limited to 10 students)

"Rex is a maestro of modeling behaviors he wants his students to master. He is relentless in his ability to push students to stretch themselves, while being supportive and nurturing. In an atmosphere where there is no failure, expanding oneself and going all out becomes natural.

In such a short time, a mere six days, I feel my presence and voice are more commanding. I feel I could go, right now, a speak before an audience and give a performance that will delight them. I learned to increase my energy; elicit and anchor states; and entertain, while informing my audience. A significant lesson I learned is the transform nervousness into excitement, which allows me radiant my energy creating dynamic and magnetic charisma."
          Cynthia R Cauthern, Sales Empress, Madison, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) dynamic, enthusiastic, open, accessible, loving, generous, caring, a friend, committed."

Dear Rex and Carolyn,
I feel as though there has been some deep internal shift that has taken place this week for me, as though there has been a deep learning that has solidified on many levels. I'm not exactly sure what that is, having in internal experience of this transformation, yet I am looking forward to watching the video. I hope that which I feel will be visible to me on the tape. This is such a warm and nurturing environment that you have created. I really appreciate your openness and honesty in the feedback you have both given me. It's made a profound difference in my life. I would encourage anyone who truly desires to learn, grow, and stretch themselves to train with you."
          Erik Feigen, Tucson, Arizona

"(I learned) how to connect an emotion to another event or situation, better states and be able to wing it in front of a group if I had to.

(Rex is) dynamic, considerate, nurturing, approachable, knowledgeable, helpful, willingness to go the extra mile with anybody.

As usual Rex walks his talk and is able to convey concepts in an understandable and useful way. Example and word-of-mouth are the best forms of proof for me. Every training gets even more interesting and challenging."
          T.P., Waukesha, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) available, skilled, lovable. I have been to many trainings and I have always found good things to learn. With Rex, what makes it unique is the experience of learning thru succeeding, instead of learning thru stressing, and Rex makes it easy to apply even in public speaking!"
          Piera Campia, Psychologist, Management Education, Milano, Italy.

"I found my voice. I learned to express myself verbally. In addition I've learned that making presentations and entertaining people can be fun.

Rex is a very warm and talented trainer. He has the ability to pull the very best out of people in a very respectful way. I loved this program. It was a real stretch for me --more so than the Master Practitioner program, probably because I haven't been accustomed to public speaking. I especially appreciated the way Rex had us jump into public speaking right from the first day. In addition, the use of music to enhance one's attitude which would carry them to the stage in a charismatic way was both enjoyable and masterful."
          Dyanne Wilson, Parent, Coach & Trainer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"(I learned to) choose outcomes much more frequently when with people; use a variety of anchors, including spatial; refine my anchors in a variety of states; plan on looking for speaking opportunities immediately.

(Rex is) hugely talented, educated and experienced in speaking, and the powerful, precise and delightful full, full mastery in NLP.

Trainer's Training was a truly great exposure to the vast art of speaking. It was presented in a very useful progressive learning format. After finishing the seven day program, I feel I've had a very good taste to the vast elements included in the art of speaking, and now am the chooser as to how I now will develop them further."
          Jerry DeBoer, Anesthetist, Greendale, Wisconsin

"The experience was far more intense and of greater scope than I expected. I did some things with great reluctance but found that I was being stretched far more than I had ever been before. I went to greater heights, felt more energy, felt more power and had wonderful control over my speaking environment. The training took my "Toastmasters" background to a much higher level. I developed skills that I didn't know even existed. One continued challenge was to develop two or three talents all in the same learning experience. There was great creativity and camaraderie in all of the attendees --a recommended experience."
          Philip F Kearney, Jr., Optometrist, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

"(Rex has) integrity, potency. (Rex is) authentic, real, talented, excellent facilitator, change-creator.

Have you ever been in a state of total evolution for an extended period of time? An experience with IDEA Seminars is an experience in making huge strides in your life. You, like me, will love Rex's invigorating and challenging style --and a depth of expertise rare, really, really rare in a crowded field. People can, you know, come to Rex's seminars and make huge, positive changes in your life. Trainer's Training gave me a broad range of specific communication strategies --and warm memories-- which I'll carry with me long after leaving Cedar Valley. I recommend Rex unequivocally."
          Cruce Saunders, President, Ariesnet, Inc., Dallas, Texas

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