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1999 Ultimate 4-Day Personal Growth Experience
(Every student is represented here)

"(Rex is) generous, kind, entertaining, respectful, challenging, beautiful.

Often times when you read a description of a book, video, or program what is written doesn't fit the experience and one becomes disappointed. And over time these things can create hesitation to try one more thing. I've been there, but with this program I didn't hesitate and it's been the greatest gift I've ever given myself. Rex doesn't just deliver a laundry list of promises and make good on them. He creates an environment where you can't help but learn and enjoy. But you also learn to enjoy and enjoy to learn. Rex has the ability to create within the group a community of laughter, growth, and friendship that is rare. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that he gave us the tools and techniques that made it possible for us to do it for ourselves.

Yes I'm walking away from this program with all that he promised me I'd have but through the generosity of his spirit and Carolyn's laughter I'm leaving here with more than I could have imagined! And that's a bargain at any price."

Jim Stripling, Senior Programmer Analyst, Falls Church, Virginia

"(Rex is) awesome! Strength in character yet also so gentle and understanding. Truly an appointed channel of blessing!

I came here knowing nearly nothing about NLP, but then I began to realize that all the self-help and growth books I had been reading for many years were really little pieces of the whole of NLP. So many questions and pieces to my puzzle started fitting together.

The most beautiful of experiences I've had in only four short days was finding out how to take our masks off. This opened up such a hunger to know people in a new and deeper way. Not simply to know about them but to really enjoy and delight in their thoughts and opinions, their expressions and their differences. To realize the power you hold to influence and encourage another with a kind word. Also to discover how much we shared this NLP interest. I have never met others who love to devour books as much as I do!

I have been truly blessed in more ways than I could ever describe."

Christine Pawlak, Freelance Court Reporter, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

"(Rex is) a great trainer who is not lecturing, but actually causing people to change for themselves --which I think learning is all about.

I had read about Rex's training on the Internet and it seemed a big decision traveling thousands of miles (and spending a few dollars!) to go to a place I had only read about on the Internet and to decide to attend a program to learn something new I only had a very vague idea of. And then I came here and discovered that it was worth every dollar I spent and every mile I traveled. Studying at a university, I can say that I am very used to conscious learning on a daily basis, but what I experienced here was different from all learning I had experienced during all the years at school and at universities in different countries. During the four days of this seminar, we were actually practicing the whole time new skills to train our brains think into the direction we wanted it to think --an invaluable tool!"

Claudia Tamme, Student, Giessen, Germany

"The program was highly interactive and full of the best ideas that Rex has for helping people change perspectives and states of mind rapidly. I've been studying NLP for 4 years and still find new ideas and approaches each time I visit with Rex. In our personal growth workshop Rex and Carolyn's little girl brought the joy of childlike discovery to us both metaphorically and in reality. The challenge of growth is being able to be aware of who you have been and to have the tools to create something new. Rex gives an abundant toolbox to his students."

Dr. John Cox, Hypnotherapist, Reston, Virginia

"I came away realizing that I can let go of my judgments of people and how I can learn to look at them outside of myself and appreciate their special qualities.

Jamb packed with so many practical applications to be used in life. Many challenging exercises.

Great to see and be involved in a progressive bonding that takes place."

Patricia B Papineau, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"I was very appreciative of (Rex's) ability to use everyday words to communicate NLP. He has integrated NLP to the point that he teaches it in what seems to be a 'natural' way, and his students in turn learn it and use it in a 'natural' way.

I was pleased with the 'nature' background. Coming from Chicago, I don't get to spend much time with such beautiful surroundings. The accommodations were very pleasant, and the family style dining lent itself to getting acquainted and making new friends. The training schedule was just right, with a good balance of class time/free time. The training itself I found to be very useful, specifically all the teaching on choosing your states. I would recommend this seminar in that it offers more than information on how to change, but also a chance to 'soak' in that information and practice it constantly. Happy changing!"

Karman Morey, Personal Trainer, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

"(Rex is) energetic, friendly, talented, experienced, worldly, funny.

--The most important thing I learned this weekend was that little things go a long way. Rex has given us exercises that take very little time, but will have a profound effect.

--The most exciting part was learning how to control our emotional states. Again, practicing these things just a little bit every day when we don't need them, will allow us to use them when we do need them.

--The people I have met here are absolutely wonderful. There is something very special about a group of people coming together in a setting like this.

--Rex is the best seminar trainer I've ever had. He makes himself available to answer any questions that his students have. He has accomplished so much in so little time. I look forward to training with him again in the future."

Alex Logiou, Melbourne, Florida

"I've got more than I expected."

Natasha Washesay, Programmer, Chicago, Illinois

"(Rex is) adorable, talented, joyous dad.

Personal growth work is greatly needed at this time. As a healer, I observe daily so many people living quiet lives of desperation. Rex offers a way out of places that hold one back from creating the life of one's dreams.

Once you realize that attitude is a choice, why would anyone not choose happiness? Questioning rather than affirming is new for me. I wonder how soon I will benefit from the act of questioning and how easily and naturally I will incorporate the ideas of this course into my daily life, so as to create the me that I dream of so that I will manifest the career and lifestyle of my dreams.

I observed movement and growth of the participants in a gentle, sweet fashion with acceptance and love.

Congratulations for your success and thank you for allowing me to participate. Blessings & Light"

Dr. Judy Roth, Chiropractor, Ledo Beach, New York

"I had no information about this program or any of the concepts presented this weekend. My husband one day said 'Let's go to this you'll get something out of it.' I was more than resistant. I needed more details. Details which he didn't have. I wound up coming as support for my husband and came away with new insight into my own problems. Some things and concepts that I was able to take away to improve my own life but also our lives together as a family. Very helpful."

Gail Ribar-Longshore, Owner of Business & Artist, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really like Rex. I think he is a genuine and interesting man. He has lots of different interests and a unique approach to training. If I lived in Wisc. I would want to spend more time together. Rex, thanks. I pray you and your family is blessed and prospers tremendously.

It is amazing to me when I consider all the great stuff that God put into each one of us. What a thrill it has been to watch as people that have become my friends begin to discover some of that great stuff.

My own experience was delightful. I made friends and I laughed and played, I learned and had opportunities to practice what I learned. It was a great investment!

The cost is a bargain for training. We were challenged, encouraged, motivated and enlightened!"

Dana Morey, Vice President, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

"(Rex is) nothing like I expected, simple yet energetic, very humble. Thanks for everything specially helping with all the questions I had during dinner and after dinner.

Something about this program that's like magic and you can see it in everybody's face and attitude thru the program, you can see how happier they are (I am) after just few hours (with Rex).

I spent less money than 8 years ago and I got a lot more.

Rex doesn't promise you anything but gives more than you come in for.

I don't recommend it for anybody that doesn't want to have fun and meet Rex."

Redouanne Balazi, Washington, D.C./Morocco

"Excellent program! I enjoyed and learned a great deal from it. I want to think about the experience more and will e-mail a testimonial in 2 weeks or so."

Adolf Lusermann, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The inner child is in us all. We lock it away as if to keep it safe. What we really lock away is our soul, the core of our being. The thought process shared through the weekend experience unveiled that the intensity of our flame lies in embracing & sharing our inner child.

Combining the heart, soul & mind. How powerful."

Stellitsa Rozakis, Consultative Partner, Elm Grove, Wisconsin

"Stuff on directed questions is great, I would have liked even more.

Stuff on resources was also good although at times overwhelming and sometimes wondered where were going with this."

Victor Boile, Chicago, Illinois

"(Rex is) very communicative and effective speaker and trainer.

It is a little to early to evaluate the overall worth and value of the program. But I did learn some techniques that should assist me in the years ahead. The personal based techniques are big change and advantage from the trainer influenced trainings. The techniques for the most part are easily self executed and can be performed alone."

Wacon Fustabotit, Jr., Houston, Texas

"A program packed with many powerful tools to use in 'rolling with the punches' life may throw at you or simply for discovering how to become more aware of the many sources of strength and happiness exist in your life...right now!

The hope and optimism that is created just from knowing that many things you may have previously thought were not changeable (?) really, really are. Using...USING the tools and techniques we were exposed to repeatedly, can create incredible change in whatever areas one is interested in changing.

Rex does an excellent job of giving you enough 'space' to allow you to open-up at your own pace --however, he also provides appropriate degrees of prodding to help you move even further to the point where the material can be much more useful to you. I guess its a 'safe' environment that Rex creates. One in which you feel there is no danger in exploring, playing, letting loose, and having fun."

Nick Rizzi, Asset Manager, Indianola, Iowa


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