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Full Index of Student Evaluations
1999 NLP Practitioner Student Evaluations
(every student in the class is represented here)

"If you are looking for a way to intensify the enrichment in your Life then this is it. Just about anything you want in your life is attainable from the tools that Rex gives you. You will be amazed."
          Richard Fitzwell, Madison Heights, Michigan.

"In the last 14 days I've experienced more joy, laughter, fun, freedom, gratitude & happiness than I've ever felt before. I feel so free & alive. The body movement portions were profound in helping me be more expressive in my music & in my everyday interactions. I've known a lot of this before but never used it before. I believe I will be entering a new & wonderful cycle of my life. I've been able to squeeze more juice out of life & take my mask off & let others see the 'real' me that was previously hiding. I have made some strong connections with people, some perhaps leading to a business venture. I've never been involved with a more warm, wonderfully kind, intelligent group of people. I feel like I was just going through the motions before AND I can now live with passion. Each & Every Day. I've made profound changes in myself & in my interactions with others. I now have the skills to enhance my relationships and to attract more people that I choose to interact with. I don't think there is any area of my life that won't be affected. It's a shame more people don't do this for themselves. These 14 days give new meaning to the words life-changing event. Being able to control my emotional state is invaluable. Being able to express my emotions is even more valuable. I've really surprised myself at the changes that I've made with your help. I also feel like the changes will compound with each day. I can't even imagine my life 1 year from now. WOW! I haven't been thankful for anything in a long time. Now I feel thankful for everything. And most of all to have discovered Idea Seminars & having the oppurtunity to attend this special program.

Thanks Rex & Carolyn!
(Rex is) down to earth, kind, spiritual."
          Ken Hoffman, Copywriter/Musician, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"In all the training I've experienced, I sincerely believe that 'The Ultimate 14 day NLP education' experience is the best I've ever been a part of.

The information, which is at times deep an involved, was simple and easy to take in and go beyond understanding to truly making it a part of me. Rex has designed a learning stratagey makes the information yours.

I am going to take my hypnosis show and start from scratch utilizing many of the techniques I've learned in the Idea Seminars Practitioner Training workshop. And for all of the new and wonderful possibilities that I now see before me, I'll be thanking Rex & Carolyn for the rest of my life.

(Rex) really cares that you understand his teachings. His vast base of knowledge in areas of mind, technology learning skills and communication add a richness and a simplicity to any concept he has to convey."
          Daniel Pollack, Entertainer, Sussex, Wisconsin.

"NLP and Mind Design create a wonderful experience that you can always treasure. It's like nothing you've ever learned before once you make the decision to join the program. Words alone cannot describe it. You must fully experience it to really appreciate the impact it will have on your life.

The program allows you to fully immerse yourself in the skills while you can also learn to enjoy your entire time with IDEA Seminars. Cedar Valley Center provides a great location, with everything you need while learning. Rex and Carolyne, from the very first moment, make it enjoyable every step of the way. The training begins with a journey into seeing all the finer points that most of us miss from time to time. You will explore how you can get the most out of life and listen to the finer points of communication. With your fellow students, you will develop a much deeper level of rapport, and with every special person in your life. I heartily recommend that anyone wanting to improve themselves, take the first step and sign-up, now.

Rex is a phenomenal, caring trainer with incredible poise and mastership of his art. I enjoy his great conversation and social skills. He makes NLP easily accessible and understandalbe through both demonstration and experience. Enjoy your time with him. It will be well spent."
          Jeff Turner, Director, Marketing, Pleasanton, California.

"Dig this: imagine how groovy and in how many infinite and amazing ways you will begin to feel as you stop and hear the rhythm of Life. The symphony of positive energy & vibrations that you can seek within and throughout this beautiful world become vibrant and turned up to 11 when you decide to take a dip in the flowing river of IDEA Seminars. You might be thinking, 'I'm already cool with Life, I feel great,' and that's cool, you know. But once you hug this experience, imagine how even more fantastically wrapped in Sunshine the world is, and how open your future will be as you smile each and every beat of each day, in the groove.

(Rex is) inspirational, compassionate, articulate, WON-DER-FUL!, resourceful, amazing, modest, symphonic, in the groove, flowing."
          EMR, Musician, Poet, Office Manager, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"For many years I was struggeling with NLP. I knew of its power but was never able to get in touch with it despite of seminars with well-known trainers and also reading tons of books and articles.

In this seminar I learned to use NLP. But not only to use --this seminar is the foundation to use the skills in my day to day life. I'm now able to use the skills, to work w/them and to improve the skills.

The environment (location, staff, trainer and other attendants) was safe and inspiring. It's incredible to have experienced such a place of overwhelming passion, energy, compassion, joy and fun.

But, words alone can not really describe what IDEA Seminars provides to their students. You must experience it by yourself. Trust them! It goes beyond the limits!

I've never experienced a trainer with such an unconditional commitment for his students to fuse them to grow and to get in touch with the inner resources in order to use them fully. For me he is truely the candle that lights the candles around him."
          Helmar Steinberg, Pinneberg, Germany.

"This experience has been life changing. I have learned to experience being a child again and learn new way to communicate more effectively, with family, friends and co-workers. I can only see how future possibilities becoming infinitely possible with the skills that were taught so brilliantly in these 14 days of total immersion in NLP.

I think Rex is one of the most brilliant teachers I have ever met, and he was so thoughtful in laying out the material in such a way as to make our understanding greater and greater each day.

The skills to improve ones life at incredible levels in here waiting, for anyone who wants it. This 14 day program is what you need to manage your life at a new level.

Lastly Rex and Carolyn are so acconmodating and flexible in meeting each person's individual needs. They take the time to understand each person so they get what they want out of the program. I will be training with them again in 2000 if they have another master practitioner.

(Rex is) very approachable and understanding of your personal goals. An incredible teacher with a skilled approach."
          Paul Smith, Accountant, El Segundo, California.

"The primary value of this program for me was the fact that Rex teaches by example and by guiding the students through the exercises and activities that allow them to learn by doing. As opposed to a seminar in which a self-styled guru preaches to the converted but does little to involve the seminar attendees, our time in this seminar was almost completely devoted to activities in which we were actively engaged, and the advantages to this approach are simply and obviously realized as we start to use the perceptual skills and communicative techniques in spontaneous & creative ways.

I particularly appreciated the emphasis on whole body learning. The meditation and physical activities really help to 'wire in' the skills that we learned in the drills & from Rex's examples and explanations.

If you're ready to learn and actually assimilate powerful techniques, then you may want to consider studying with Rex."
          Kevin "KMO" O'Connor, Cartoonist, Seattle, Washington.

"IDEA Seminars brings just the right mix of drama, energy, and sense of wonder to each moment.

There is an opportunity for anyone to stretch far beyond a comfort zone with a safety net of support.

Rex has a unique style and presents with a rare combination of sincere passion, ellicitation of excellence, and a humble acceptance of less than perfect performance.

(Rex is) a master of the language, attitude, and concepts of NLP, brings just the right mix of drama, intuitive, creative...a great teacher, uses all of the tools effectively in order to fully integrate the NLP experience."
          Sue Jobe, Psychologist, West Palm Beach, Florida.

"A tremendously exciting immersion into NLP but more than that a wonderfully life-affirming experience.

The last 14 days have changed me, given me a new set of skills, a great group of new friends and opened up a whole new set of possibilities for my life. I also haven't laughed so much or had so much fun for ages!

The best training I have ever had and worth every penny!

(Rex is) a true expert at what he does. He provides a marvellous training with what was for a wonderfully life-affirming experience. He definitely walks the talk & he's a nice guy!"
          Bob Winfield, Manager, Baltimore, Maryland.

"Much bettter than previous trainings I've attended. Rex really wants to teach your conscious as well as your unconscious. Although I'm far from a master at using all the skills, and they are many, I've got a certainty that this is a wonderful starting point, since I've shifted into a curious playful exploration. The level of connectedness I've experienced with the other participants here over 14 days is truly exceptional! If you're comitted to really learn to appy new life-enhancing skills (and not just their names), I recommend Rex Steven Sikes.

(Rex is) able to teach conscious as well as unconscious, very experienced, charismatic."
          Mikael Gajecki, Systems Consultant, Stockholm, Sweden.

"Before coming here, I had a lot of issues I needed to address. Anger, impatience, intolerance, inescapable negativity were a part of every day. I talked like a sailer. I was ill-equipped to become a parent. And yet, I still had a pretty good life.

I had read a lot of books. Attended seminars on a wide variety of self-improvement topics. I already knew some things I could do to make my life better. But I never used these good ideas. I found myself struggling with the same old issues, over & over & over again.

It seemed that if I wanted to make a real change, lasting change, I needed to find someone who would teach me how to actually do things myself. It's funny, because I had been to another, big name, trainer. And you know what? I didn't use any of what I had learned. Why? Because I couldn't remember what I had learned. Now, perhaps you're the kind of person who believes you can go to a trainer, sit back, listen, & go home & find your life has changed in new & wonderful ways. And that's great. It's just that this approach didn't work for me. A lot of the others participating here feel the same way. If you want to be able to consciously control your state, notice when you're getting stuck, feel an absolute sense of confidence in your newfound abilities because you learned them here & because you design & tested them, then the trainer you want is Rex. He can help you do these things & perhaps more. You get to decide with Rex how much you want to learn & change & grow. I know I have.

So, looking forward and imaging these effects & seeing myself applying these resources --feeling in control of how I feel & act, I can hardly wait to experience the sense of wonder and excitement I feel as I surprise myself at how much I've learned & grown. Thank you Rex. I'll remember this always.

(Rex) is the finest human being I have ever met. If you are searching for a trainer who gives you everything he has and only asks for your commitment to yourself in return, then sign up for Rex's training."
          Robert Michon, Real Estate Agent, Lansing, Michigan.

"It was that rare combination of philospher & emperor, Marcus Aurelius, who said that 'our thoughts control the quality of our lives.' How true! One of the first distinctions Rex shared with my colleagues and I was that everthing we choose to do or not, as the case may be, begins with a single thought impulse. Think about this for a moment --how wonderous, and yet frightening this may be for you? Frightening when you consider that for most people, the thoughts occupying their minds today are practically the same as those they considered yesterday!

And yet, this can be a fantastical distinction if you realise that at any given moment, you have a choice point --a moment of truth at which you can consciously choose precisely what it is you will think. So, in essence, there you have it --the secret to lifelong prosperity, health and growing love-- control your thoughts.

The field of NLP offers congruent, powerful techniques that permit you to identify non-beneficial thought patterns and put in their place, more resourceful habit patterns that serve your best rational interests. But NLP is more an attitude, that provides for a methodology, which leaves in its wake a range of techniques. The techniques are not NLP. Attitude is the critical factor --and this is where Rex & Carolyn excel-- the focus of attention is placed upon merging and super-charging your attitude --an attitude of going first in life's endeavours and having FUN during the process.

You see, on a deep level, you probably already know that it is not so much your final destination that matters --your choice of destination is after all infinite in variety-- but rather the journey and the experiences you come into contact with as you steadily progress to your desired destinations.

From asking yourself new and results oriented questions, positive, self-nuturing suggestions, energetic physiology, healthy eating & exercise --to ensuring you experience an abundance of fun, laughter & child like pleasure, your NLP training experience with Rex & Carolyn hones in on mastering your attitude to life-- for remember, your attitude surely determines your altitude.

In considering your investment of dollars, time and energy, contemplate for a moment, that you are unique --unique with respect to the fact that you have the self-love, self-respect and wherewithal to know that you can live a life of your choice-- thatyou are capable of designing a designer life, and that you proactively seek & open yourself up to learning experiences to improve yourself. You place yourself amongst the top percentages of individuals who take charge of their lives and acknowledge self-responsibility for the results you achieve. Be proud of this. And reinforce, rather than under-appreciate, your self-worth.

Consider, also, that your fellow participants are like minded, positive open minded individuals. From my experience at attending an IDEAs conference, it was the sheer diversity, (characteristically & nationality) of the participants, their unique insights, sense of contagious humor & friendliness were among the most distinguishing features of participating with Rex & Carolyn.

'Wealth is the product of man's capacity to think' --so said Ayn Rand. Investing in yourself, your abilities, your experience of life by participating in an IDEA Seminars experience is a sound, rational, open-ended and proactive decision you can make for yourself.

In choosing to do so, you will open yourself up to a paradigm shift in respect of your view of life, its challenges and meanings you attach to your experiences. You will discover the lost child within all of us, which will re-acquaint itself with childlike curiosity, laughter, natural learning, humour & happiness. I hope that for you, as it was for me, those with whom you share the experience of attending with Rex & Carolyn, will be as warm, sincere, friendly and positive.

Like attracts like, so be not surprised when you discover for yourself a whole new wealth source of friends, co-conspirators of joy, fun and life-long learning.

And remember, enjoy the voyage along the way.

I thank you Rex, Carolyn, Tom, Cynthia, Jerry and each and every one of my fellow attendees. To the future!"
          GP, Trader, Ireland.

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