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1999 Ultimate 6-Day Trainer's Training Student Evaluations
(every participant is represented here)
(trainers training class size is limited to 10 students)

"(Rex is) a consumate professional. A master of his material, & a craftsman at presenting. His training has not a rigid delivery of information overload, quite the opposite, with care and passion he artfully weaved a tapestry of excellence. I would whole heartedly & without reservation recomend Rex to anyone wishing to enjoy improved presenting ability.

I have had a dream of being able to stand in front of an audience and compassionately influence and inform at a deep level. Although I interact one-on-one with people on a daily basis, public speaking had always been an area of frustration and anxiety. And perhaps you can relate to this, although part of me wanted to fully enjoy being a master speaker, part of me wanted to remain in something I was already masterful in. Rex was able to coax, conjole, laugh, guide, provoke, prod me in a supportive and caring way to achieve the goals I new I desire. Having achieved my goals and enjoying being on the other side, all I can say is 'Thanks Rex from the bottom of my heart!'"

Ed Redard, M.D., Sacramento, California

"(Rex is) charming, knowledgeable, honest, open, straightforward, accomplished, entertaining, concerned.

I came to this program in need of bettering my abilities in front of an audience. I was a bit skeptical, expecting the typical 'stand here do this type of training.' This training was anything but this. Rex came at me from all directions, modeling comics, great orators. Enough pressure to force me out of my comfort zone, yet with compassion and support to give me confidence 'I' could do it. This is an experiential training. No boring lecture format. Plenty of quality information but even more important, hours & hours of 'spotlight' time. Time spent making presentations from comedic to tragic. I now have a strong base of understanding of how to elicit passion or laughter, motivation or understanding joy or sadness within my audience. Be it one on one or multitudes. Thank you for giving me the tools, pointing me in the right direction and the confidence to 'DO IT.'"

Robb Barco, Security Consultant, San Mateo, California

"(Rex is) dynamic, energetic, caring, intelligent, supportive, positive, incredible presence.

Having taken many NLP trainings I can honestly say my experience at trainer's training has been absolutely the best NLP training I have received. The combination of talent, genius, and caring Rex has, allows him to connect with his students like no other trainer. He spent almost every available free moment helping us in ways we never dreamed possible. I will never forget the hours spent chatting with Rex late into the nights after each day at the training. Rex is truly a unique trainer in his approach to the material and the students. I consider him one of the brightest, freshest minds in the field and give him my highest recommendation."

Sanjay Patel, Consultant, Chicago, Illinois

"(Rex is) cool, loving, caring, extremely knowledgeable about many things, respect, integrity, calm, centered.

Words cannot express my feelings and I'm a writer! Each time I come to Rex's program I get 10 times more than I expected. I love the changes I've been able to make. At this specific program I came in with no public speaking experience, and I feel like a strong powerful, effective speaker. As a performer this new skills will be invaluable to me. I am absolutely grateful that somehow I found out about Rex. I've never felt more alive emotionally and physically. And the ability to 'connect' with people more quickly and easily and with larger groups is something I've been wanting for a long, long time. I spoke with a lot of people that have attended other NLP programs and every one of them that has been through Rex's program agrees with me that its the best, most useable and practical, totally life changing event. You'll work hard, but it never seems like work. Its more like playing like a kid. Lots and lots of laughter. The week went by so fast it felt like a few days, and the new skills I found myself with are the equivalent of weeks and months of traditional training. I can't remember the last time I felt so absolutely wonderful. This program has given me even more ability to really control and amplify my positive emotions. And I thought I was doing great before I started. I really can't begin to describe this experience until you've experienced it for yourself. If more people came here, I think we'd be much further towards peace. Please decide to go, because your life will never be the same. Thanks Rex & Carolyn!"

Ken Hoffman, Copywriter/Musician, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Rex has a fantastic range and gently stretched everyone to expand their view of the endless possibilities for getting a message across.

This training was so much fun. With a small group and lots being packed in to the program --it was easy to really get to know everyone and develop bonds that will last far beyond the time spent here. Everyone was constantly being challenged to try on new states and play with them. What a refreshing change from other trainings!! Even more fun than growing and expanding yourself was the opportunity to see the tremendous changes in other participants. This training really gave me a greater appreciation for the power of NLP as well."

Diana Keating, I/T Manager, Austin, Texas

"(Rex is) dedicated master teacher of the art of living, and of using your brain to live life much more gloriously.

I took all three seminars (Practitioner, Master Pract & Trainer's Training) in 1998. Now, after repeating Trainer's Training, my growth in using and living much more fully only continues. The precision and ease of directing my thoughts has resulted in my creating an increasingly more exquisite and beautiful life."

Jerry DeBoer, Anesthetist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Rex is a true master at what he does. He understands the needs of his students on an individual basis. He gently nudges the individual to stretch beyond their present boundaries to where they never dreamed possible. If you like people who are funny, happy, brilliant and full of integrity, you'll love Rex. Thanks, Rex.

I never had any aspirations of being a public speaker. I attended this seminar so that I could be a better communicator in my business and in my person life. However, after attending this seminar I now have decided to pursue a new career in public speaking. That's how much this program has done for me. I am amazed just how profound the changes have been in my classmates and of course myself. Knowing the principles of public speaking and then practicing those principles repeatedly throughout the seminar brings ones level of skill to a much higher level. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a better communicator regardless of whether you plan on becoming a public speaker. The skills I've learned here will assist me in being a better communicator in all my life experiences."

Michael McCarthy, MCSE/Landscaper, Saugus, Massachusetts

"Rex challenges, encourages and supports you to stretch yourself beyond what you thought possible. He has great skills, knowledge, wisdom, and humour.

I've gotten skills, confidence and enjoyment to do presentations in a degree I thought weren't possible. If this training can do it for me, who have English as a second language, it can do it for anyone. I've met great people in my fellow participants, and I've enjoyed seeing them develop during this training. We've had a great time and have encouraged and supported each other. Cedar Valley and the staff are excellent. I can't think of a better place for a training.

Rex and Carolyn (and Sydney) have made this training an extraordinary experience.

I recommend anyone who want to improve their public speaking skills to take this training."

Nils Rundcrantz, Malmoe, Sweden

"I have been in the speaking business for 10 years and have given hundreds of presentations to thousands of participants. Discovering NLP three years ago brought my speaking ability to an even higher level. So when I read about IDEA Seminars Ultimate Train the Trainer program on the web, I couldn't wait to sign up. This excitement was maintained the entire program. Since I already had the content for my presentations I was looking for polish. This program went beyond polish. We worked on the way we walked, used our voices, states, anchoring the stage, eliciting responses from the audience and much more.

One of the most fantastic 'value added' features was the bonding of the participants. It was wonderful to experience each person blossom before your very eyes! The more quiet participants became animated, the intense relaxed into friendly open contributors, and everyone shared their energy in a way that helped each other grow even more.

The pace of the sessions was terrific. Assignments were given to help us strectch yet care was taken to insure we were not pushed over the edge. We were well fed at regular intervals and the lodging at Cedar Valley was another experience in itself. We fed horses on our breaks, walked by the lake and enjoyed exchanging stories late night in the comfortable lounge areas.

The things I will use specifically in my speaking business are: #1 eliciting a comfortable, calm & confident state before stepping on to stage (this usually didn't happen for me until I was actually on stage a few minutes into my presentations) connecting with the audience at an even deeper level, SLOWING DOWN and the powerful use of the P-A-U-S-E. It was also useful to watch videos of other presenters to see what was effective and what wasn't.

A terrific bonus was being able to bring home a video of myself with several different examples of my presentations using varing styles of performing. This way I can continue making adjustments. And speaking of adjustments, the feedback I received from the participants was invaluable. It was like having several speaking coaches for the price of one. The program was a worthwhile memorable experience."

Mary Miscisin, Speaker, Sacramento, California

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