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1999 Ultimate 14-Day Master Practitioner/Modeling Course
in Perth, Australia

(every student is represented here)

"(Rex is) integrated, alert, caring, respectful, knowledgeable, lots of fun, entertaining.

The training has been 10 out of 10. He trained in a way which allowed me to integrate the material easily & naturally. It's a very healthy approach to learning and allowed me to transform myself as well as learn NLP.

He dealt with the whole person --not just the intellect.

I have had other training which dealt only with technique which was dry and difficult to practice.

He is fun and a living example of what NLP is all about (for me anyway) and a living example of what he is teaching.

He was helpful when I was stuck and paced everyone taking into account their own uniqueness. I am well set for long term benefits & personal gain.

Thank you Rex."

Ken Cochrane, Business Coach, Perth, Western Australia

"(Rex is) humble, easy going, engaging, understanding, available, simple yet complex, charming, quietly charismatic.

Living in Perth, on the delightful fringe of the civilized world, the chances to take NLP trainings are few and far. When I heard that Rex was coming here I checked out the web site, and found the presentation there a bit saccharine for my tastes. None-the less I asked a couple of people who had trained with him, and was assured that his presentation was good. So I took the plunge. On the first morning I found myself thinking 'I'm not so sure about this, it's all too nice.' By the third day (and I had to miss the second) I was thinking, 'this is pretty good.' By the fifth I was almost convinced that I had got what I'd come for, but there were still many days to go. At the end of the course, having already experienced a huge increase of joy, wicked humour and delightful interaction with people in the 'real' world, which seems very likely to continue into the future, I'm as convinced as I get that this course has been a really good choice.

Rex seems just like 'one of us' and he is, yet his teaching has brought about profound positive changes for me and I look forward to taking the skills I've learned here and really bringing them to bear in influencing myself and other people to live life better."

Peter Eadie, Visual Artist, Perth, Western Australia

"My experience has been one of great delight. The mind design training at the beginning of the program set a solid and enjoyable foundation to expand into the more complex ideas of modeling.

Rex's ability to take everything into the positive has been very nurturing and encouraging. To take states from less glorious into a grand & wonderful experience has been full of fun & excitement. Many of the concepts taught have been challenging, but knowing that the resources available to make it all become a little easier to understand are at hand, and then to be able to put them into practice has been great.

I would recommend anyone considering NLP training to learn with Rex. He is really great."

Vivienne Aisha Etter, Massage Therapist, Australia

"(Rex is) friendly, engaging, smooth, skilled, articulate, American, cool, etc.

Rex's presentation of an incredibly sensible, useful, and transformative approach to NLP is funfilled, joyful, and thrilling to experience. Rex brings a fantastic mix of pragmatism and artistry to the process of learning that appeals to conscious appreciation as well as unconscious.
Some of the most valuable lessons for me are insights as language patterns, state control and elicitation, self questions for modeling, physiologies of charisma, and humour."

David Hart, Student, Perth, Australia

"(Rex is) an exquisite communicator & teacher who does so with integrity; humour; style and pizazz. A truly wonderful magical growth experience this now!!

Rex has shared himself openly and with complete integrity while at the same time generating new and exciting possibilities. He has taken me beyond what I thought I would or ever could do. Rex has set a standard by which I will measure all future trainings. This standard is that of which I now aspire to achieve myself. I have surpassed my own limits and am now entering a world full of new possibilities and expectations. Thank you Rex."

Christopher Gillies, Sales Coaching, Perth, Western Australia

"The course is about to end officially. I feel complete, with eagerness to learn. Serene, with the capacity for action. Powerful and strong, with simultaneous compassion. A harmonious ending for a new beginning."

Steve Gould, Director Business Development, Perth, Australia

"(Rex is) dynamic, present, flexible, resourceful, & with a sparkling ability to crystallize NLP into a useful, practical & ethical resource for use in my personal & professional life.

If you want to know how to apply NLP in a magical, ethical, practical & successful way --get Rexed.

If you want to have more ways to develop any resource you want -- get Rexed.

If you want 14 days to feel like 4 yet still feel fulfilled, total fulfilled & ready to use everything now & in the future --get Rexed!!"

Joel Levin, Counsellor/Facilitator, Perth, Western Australia

"(Rex is) a nice mixture of a gentle, non-intrusive guide and an enthusiastic leader full of energy. Bountiful skills of which I am sure he has much & many more.

I particularly enjoyed the way Rex injected humour into the learnings and enabled me to experience spontaneously occurring laughter. So many learnings and standing out was the unusual & delightful use of sound and kinesthetic experiences that added a richness to the graphic pictures he painted in my mind. There was a growing sense of community and appreciation of both self and others during the 14 days of formal and fun times."

Barbara Quinlan, Business Manager, Darwin, Australia

"(Rex is a) top bloke; fantastic communicator; totally congruent with what he teaches; sensitive; a great state-manager.

What to say? How to encapsulate my experience of growth & renewal over the last 14 days into a few lines on paper?

I've learned so much! So very much about myself and what a personal power is, and how I can get more of what I want in my life, and how I can assist my loved ones, friends, acquaintances, passing strangers to get more enjoyment, fun, satisfaction juice out of life.

It's been a personal growth experience & at the same a future planning & directing experience. I learned everything advertised, at an intellectual level and then caught myself already beginning to fuse and integrate these learnings into my life.

And Rex --what a guy! An absolutely top bloke who walks his walk & talks his talk. He's the best possible advertisement for his own special brand of coaching."

Clem Rowe, Engineer, Perth, Western Australia

"I consider Rex to be a deeply motivated & highly skilled facilitator of NLP & a vast array of mind development/personal empowerment. He maintained a high level of commitment & focus at all times.

I found the NLP Master Practitioner Seminar an excellent resource for receiving finer distinction around my belief patterns. I gained finer insights in the use of & empowerment of language patters; the importance of rapport both with one's self & also in working with clients, the interaction with friends & the outside world in general.

I experienced an enhancement of the power of group dynamics & the synergy achieved from building a team. The seminar was a time & space to safely & confidentially look at one's own potential to grow & to enhance & encourage those around you.

At the conclusion I left with a strong sense of achievement, of goal reach & a positive sense of personal confidence & empowerment to utilise the myriad of NLP skills & techniques taught to us.

I would confidently & knowingly recommend this workshop/seminar both as a counselor/facilitator but also from a purely personal concept."

Katie Stone, Counselor/Facilitator, City Beach, West Australia

"Rex is 'grand.' He is also perceptive, a holographic thinker/planner, incredibly decent human being, kind, gentle with people's egos, always demonstrating, funny, poised, has presence.

As a trainer, I appreciate training that is clearly high standard. This training went beyond that, & I have to say I have never experienced a training with such a breathtaking, technically brilliant structure. Not only did Rex ensure that information & experience was presented holographically, but that he was constantly demonstrating subject matter even as it was being presented.

This, combined with the accelerated learning techniques which Rex has developed, had everyone amazed at the speed & ease with which we learned. We all know of trainings which incorporate unconscious learning. This course had that in bucket loads, & even more, the conscious learnings & new conscious competencies were in bucket loads also.

I am so grateful, not only for new knowledge & skills, & for the personal enrichment I feel so deeply, but also for the wonderful example of what really fine training is about.

Rex brought so much of himself to this training. He is an incredibly decent human being: funny, kind, gentle & perceptive, with a great respect for others.

You will gain in ways you never imagined when you take his training."

Christine Sutherland, Trainer, Australia

"(Rex is) vibrant, alive, funny. Makes the training fun.

Rex's Master Practitioner course is outstanding. It is a training which concentrates on you as a Master Practitioner and being a Master Practitioner of life as well as of Neuro Linguistic Programming. His very practical approach to teaching these skills and his attention to where the class is at coupled with his flexibility of the structure of the course means that what he teaches you will not only learn; but learn well and apply in a very real and useful fashion. If I were to describe the over all outcome for the course, it would be life enhancement. If you already have a Master Practitioner Certificate like me, this course is well worth your while. You can have the techniques that work, this gives the techniques a you that will really make them more powerful than you ever imagined they could be."

Scott Bryant, Underground Mine Geologist, Perth, Western Australia

"The modeling course was a significant learning experience for me: as much for the content as it was for the elegant way it was delivered. Rex's approach and training expertise helped me learn the concepts almost effortlessly. To someone who has always associated learning with a tough and demanding environment, this was a revelation.

I am truly and deeply grateful for the experience of doing NLP in the company and guidance of Rex. This is NLP with a human and credible face. Rex is not a hollow NLP guru but a genuine people helper and developer.

I recommend his trainings without reservation."

Des Guilfoyle, National Specialist, Radio, Western Australia

"(Rex is) sincere, genuine, integrated, responsible, ego-aware, creative, gifted.

I appreciate this opportunity to experience Rex's take on communication, personal development and NLP. This program is truly a dance between his map of reality and the concepts and conventions that define NLP. His attention to language, performance and communication was a nice compliment to where I have been and where I am now. The structure of the program, & the requirements for entry & the compassionate environment that he created with this group achieved the raft of outcomes that I believe that we should be looking for in accessing NLP and related resources.

A most welcome event and experience."

Jeff Oliver, Trainer/Coach, Perth, Western Australia

"(Rex is) thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful, experienced, entertaining & understands how to teach.

The course is very well designed & the presentation & delivery was excellent. Definitely one of the top two courses I have attended. Rex performed fabulously. His insight & experience in managing peoples states & learning attitudes is definitely worth modeling. Overall, an experience everyone should live & re-live, if they want to discover life to the fullest."

Tom Ristosui, Senior Training Specialist, Sydney, Australia

"(Rex is) generous with his time and knowledge and skill. Patient and broad-minded. Incredibly good at the skills he teaches. Rare amongst NLP trainers in having solid self-love and an understanding of his own strengths. Able to convey a deep sense of trust worthiness. Committed to helping his students get what they came for, and more.

How many great states do you have in the course of a day? By the end of this program you'll laugh at how small a number that was.

It's possible to have more personal power than ever before, and still feel deep compassion for others. It's possible to believe in your own special abilities, and still work well in a team. It's possible to learn to learn, to see the road to self-mastery and the steps necessary along that road, and still to make every single day of the rest of your life better than the last one. That's Rex's program in a nutshell.

I may never seek instruction of this sort again, because I now have all I need, in myself and in the world, to design my mind and my life in the best ways I know --again and again if I want, but more likely to higher and higher levels of happiness, joy, compassion, achievement, wealth, intimacy and love."

John Casey, Securities Analyst, Singapore

"Rex is a dynamic and powerful presenter who easily builds rapport in a most respectful and delightful way.

This Master Training course has been truly wonderful in opening up my eyes to the many functional & fantastic ways of building powerful and resourceful states of being in the world & using these resourceful states to go first and build rapport with others. To me this training is about learning to honour ourselves for who we are. And finding the good and new around us everyday so we can move through the world in more positive ways. This training has helped me to integrate more of myself into communicating/relating with others. A great experience."

Kim Addison, Teacher & Feldenkrais Practitioner, Australia

"(Rex is) present, down to earth, practical, sensitive to others, highly supports personal discovery & learning great ability to chunk learning to reachable amounts."

Sir Lancelot Von Kublavich, Australia

"(Rex) goes first. We had fun & he had fun --we built each other up to the point where he was extending himself and revelling in it. This has been no mundane workshop for Rex and I for one am conscious of our mutual aspirations for achieving higher & higher excellence.

Effectively invested $200 per day on food, refreshments, entertainment and last but not least personal development. To look at my self and have a personal and constant bombardment of insights epitomises getting value for money.

I came into this course knowing threads of NLP and recognizing the effectiveness that could be generated through its application. For me personally however, I had no pre-conceived ideas of what I would get out of it. I was led happily & comfortably on a journey for 13 days which filled me with energy & change. Upon looking back on what I had just done, I saw connections with what had preceded that, and could not fault the order and time with which was spent on each area.

The greatest personal surprise was the relationship these mind stretching experiences were having on my body. I am still in the throes of determining the true relationship my mind has with my body. My unconscious mind has been sent out with a vegemite sandwich and this is one of the many trips that is needed to bring back the reasons. I know that upon each return I discover more and more and a fusion is happening which is cementing me in more and more purpose. I don't know where it is taking me but I know it is forward and I am thrilled to bits with what I am discovering and holding on to.

Contained excitement is a state I am coming to terms with, as the manifestations are fascinating and I am just wondering about how much fascination one bloke can take."

Nick O'Loughlin, Quantity Surveyor, Western Australia

"(Rex is) quiet, unobtrusive, lively, thoughtful, considerate, sensitive to others sensitivities, intelligent innovation, humourous, direct, firm, resourceful, exemplary.

I found my personal interactions with Rex to be caring and focused & helpful while challenging ones own resources.

I didn't come to the programme with any expectations other than it was going to be worthwhile, and very good. I was most impressed and grateful for the central or core theme that this training programme was about enhancing the joy and fun of daily life.

It was truly a life enhancing seminar.

To me it was the holy grail of human connection and communication. The opportunity to learn, to grow, to share, to stretch, and to do within the seminar what I would soon do out in the wider word was appreciated and very well structured.

Rex's unbiased treatment of and attitude toward each participant was exemplary & validatingly valuable.

'Non schoolae saed vitae discumus' -- 'Not for school but for life we are learning.'

I will take the skills, energies and attitude's of Rex's seminar with me to the bounds of the conscious universe, to the outer reaches of inner space, into every interaction with the other co-owners of this amazing & gloriously wonder planet of life."

Douglas Thomson, Technician, Perth, Western Australia

"Rex has the mastery of communication skills and the subtlety of heart that he weaves poetically to create living magic between people. I have enjoyed his style, personality and presence immeasurably.

This program has helped me change the direction of my life to a far more positive and expansive way of being. It has rekindled my hope of being able to create the world that I desire with the tools to do it. Thank you."

Antony Harvey, Manager, Western Australia

"(Rex is) supportive, caring, attentive, experienced, clever, human, entertaining, knowledgeable, American, funny, dramatic....

If you are interested in changing your view of the world then you will do this program. If you want harmony, understanding and delight happening with the people you interact with then you will do this program.

If you want to create even more sales, become increasingly aware of all those exciting possibilities and fulfill your desire to be the very best at what you have chosen to do, then you will do this program.

Not only will you laugh more than you ever have done before, you will also experience a most effective way of learning, easily and naturally and without even knowing it at a fully conscious level start to make the changes that you need too and start to live the life that you deserve. Those changes will stay with you forever."

Victoria Rose, Real Estate Sales Representative, Western Australia

"I came with the objective of becoming more efficient both in time & outcomes in my coaching vocation, as well as making the transition to include seminar deliveries in my range of tools.

What I got was not only what I sought, but also areas I had not perceived, both professionally & personally.

I recommend anyone seeking increased possibilities in life, relationships, parenting & vocation to attend Rex's program."

David Deane-Spread, Empowerment & Leadership Coach, Perth, Western Australia

"This seminar was mind-blowing. It was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Rex stretched me with the different exercises he gave and I believe my model of the world has been expanded for the better. My primary outcomes were achieved and somehow I feel that in the future I will be able to integrate new NLP material at a much higher rate then I did in the past.

Rex behaviorally demonstrates what he teaches and he doesn't do NLP, he lives it. Outside the classroom, he is willing to help anyone with any questions they may have and he is just a nice guy. I am delighted to have experienced this seminar."

Patrick Roome, Student, Cape Town, South Africa

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