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Letters and Testimonials

"Rex and you might be happy to know that my skills have assited me in getting a promotion to supervisor and a bonus in 2000! Two reasons that I am so greatful for my learnings! Naturally these are things that I deserved as a result of my hard work, and just not overlooked as a result of my skills. Just thought you'd like to know that what you teach gets results!" Paul Smith, Los Angeles, CA

Subject: Observation
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999

Dear Rex,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent workshop last weekend. I'm amazed at all the learning that I came away with.
Every day I find another "behavior" that has changed, sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a big way. These are behaviors that I wasn't aware of, or at least wasn't aware of enough to want to change them.

I was also struck by the way you use the techniques you teach. I saw it at some level during the workshop, how you approached people, the mirroring you did, the pacing, the words you used. In the days since the workshop I've started listening to the tapes (thanks Carolyn!) and it is even more obvious that you "practice what you preach". I was surprised at how many of the "easily" and "naturally" type words that I didn't consciously recognize during the first day or so of the session.

I've always believed in questioning whether or not people use the product they are selling. When I go to a restaurant I frequently ask the waiter or waitress where they personally eat. If it is business related computer software - then does the company selling it actually use the product to run their business? I got into this mode years ago when my father used to make fun of his doctor that was constantly urging him to quit smoking while puffing on a cigarette. Unfortunately smoking was a major contributor to the death of both my father and his doctor. The bottom line is that I was really impressed by the way you have incorporated the techniques you teach into not only your classes but also your lifestyle. It's a great role model for me.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing more training, learning, and growing.


Lem Fugitt

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997
From: Phillip King

Dear Carolyn and Rex:
I want to let you both know how grateful I am for the wonderful growth experiences you gave me. I haven't yet contacted all of my classmates to get their current feedback, so I'm hoping that you've already received glowing updates.

Our firm has been extremely busy since my return, putting in new systems and preparing for expansion, yet I've still managed to do little bits and pieces of skills practice. So much more still needs to be done before any kind of competency arises, conscious or unconscious. The best news though, is how much happier I am even in the midst of what formerly were very stressful situations. On the very few occasions when I could feel my state slipping, I was able to recover my poise or else make a conscious decision that I was going to be less than pleasant for a defined purpose. I'm sure that as I progress through life, even more of your gifts will continue to unfold and reveal themselves.

Much love and gratitude,

Phillip King

Sept. 30, 1996

Dear Rex & Carolyn:

Probably, the best thing I can say about your programs is that I have rewritten this letter 20 times. It happened, not because I procrastinated like I used to, not because I was undecided, not because I was unsure, but because I keep making new connections and learning more and more every week since I last saw you last year.

I have to hand it to you.

You said "transfer of skill". You did it.

You said "you'll see the effects one year from now". It is now a year from then, and I see them.

You said "be yourself". I am, only better.

You said "these are the kind of people who don't do well". Again, you were right. But not about NLP / DHE only. I now know that whenever I didn't learn I was either lying to impress you or trying to be accepted. I have less things to prove right now, and a lot more to accomplish.

You said "our mission is for you leave this place with more questions than you had coming in". Here I would suggest one small change: what I have now is not just more, but better questions as well. It has to do with something you also said: "the quality of the answer is related to the quality of the question."

You said "it is not about outcomes, but directions". Wow, does this one make sense one year after the program!

You said "holographic". Like one other person who was there said, "awesome shit!".

But really the clue is not that you just said all those things; the key to making all this happen is that you did it, right in front of us.

I also know now that a lot of what I produced in this last year is the result of my own work, not yours. And that is precisely the reason why I recommend your programs: they're true to their promise. You said "we o play it, there are virtuosos and great composers. NLP is compatible with any music score. It may be used to read science, philosophy or religion. It also takes lots of practice to do it well, and though there are many great guitar players, each has his or her own style. But the true greats are those who play with passion, with inspiration that transcends the technique. I think you two rank in this category.

Live long and prosper

Rafael Sabat
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This was written by a June '96 Practitioner student as a letter to a prospective student.

October 14, 1996

Dear Ruben:

I took the NLP Practitioners Trainer and Mind Design in June. Rex and Carolyn provide a playground (or laboratory) for their students to practice, play and get a grasp of skills taught in the seminar. The skills I learned have transformed and enhanced my life: overcoming a fear, becoming more outgoing, having more fun, passion, and having more adventure in my life. I feel more confident. I changed jobs and I am making more money while becoming more effective and having more fun. My personal relationships are deeper, warmer, and more committed.

Carolyn and Rex are committed and accessible to their students. I have reached out to them with questions and I have always received a prompt and warm response.

Reuben, as people are making their decision, sometimes they feel the seminar costs a lot of money. I felt that way. Some people think about spending money on a seminar, and it appears as a snapshot, and they only focus on the cost. Throw that imagine away as see yourself taking the seminar, and what your life will be life will feel like, after the seminar,
3 months later, 6 months later, one year later, and 10 years later. It's a wonderful movie, isn't it! Now, sign up for the workshop and feel free to call me or send me email. I'll be glad to discuss the exquisite changes I have in my life.


Cynthia R. Cauthern
Madison, WI

This letter was posted on the internet newsgroup in response to a request for "the best NLP training in the US." The student who wrote this attended the Practitioner training in June of 1996.

Hi Patrick,

About a year ago I had the same question you posted here: "Where can I get the best NLP training?".

I remember that I started out with gathering as much information as I could. Some of the things I did were: to search the NLP-related WWW-sites, to get information via the newsgroups and e-mail, to ask some people here in Belgium who have had NLP training who they recommended and to study every training brochure I could lay my hands on.

I considered places in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, the UK and the USA. To make a long story short, I finally selected IDEA Seminars in Wisconsin (about 4000 miles from where I live :-). Even though I wanted to get Practitioner training ASAP, I choose to wait more than 9 months to get my training at IDEA. I had to be patient because their first upcoming Practitioner training that I could attend was in June 1996 and it was August 1995 when I made my decision.

Some of the major reasons for selecting IDEA were:

They teach you the attitude and methodology of NLP. Not just a set of techniques. I had attended some training here in Belgium, before I went to IDEA. They taught one technique after the other. It was quite interesting and exciting, because all of this was new to me. But afterwards I found out that I kept asking myself the question what technique I should use to do this or that. Now that I have trained with IDEA, I can tell you that the attitude and methodology are way (print it in bold and underline it 3 times ;^) more important than the techniques. The techniques are but a by-product of NLP to me.

It is now one month after the training and I am absolutely delighted with the results I got and keep getting every day. So I can wholeheartedly recommend IDEA Seminars to you.

I would suggest you go over to their new WWW-site at http://www.idea-seminars.com/ and start your investigative journey by reading what some of their students, like me, have to say about training with IDEA. I would not be surprised that after you read through those testimonials you will want to learn more about what IDEA can offer you. And you will find a lot of what you might want to know more about in the other very helpful and interesting articles on their site, such as the article about how to find the best NLP training available for example.

If you have any questions about training with IDEA, I will be more than happy to answer them.

I hope you will enjoy your quest for the best NLP training even more than I did!

Take care and have fun,

Johann VanHoutven
The Netherlands

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