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Using traditional therapeutic NLP techniques on yourself can be like a dog chasing its own tail! Instead, get skills that tremendously improve the quality of your life -- abundant prosperity, wonderful relationships, vital health, unbelievable happiness. Read more...

Experience Brain-Based, Whole Mind, Whole Body Learning in our seminars! This unique approach guarantees your success in gaining the skills of NLP regardless of your past learning abilities. Read more...

Check our student evaluations! We publish EVERY, SINGLE Student Evaluation from EVERY class we teach. We don't just pick the good ones! Read more...

Your senses come alive and your spirit rejuvenated in this beautiful location! Leave your world behind just long enough to immerse yourself in the ultimate NLP education. Read more and see photos...

Can't make it to a seminar yet? Not totally convinced? Check out our selection of home study products! Gain valuable skill and insight into NLP at our online store. Buy products...

View over 30 Articles on NLP and Personal Development including "Why Visualizations Don't Work". Read more...

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Here's What Past Students Say About Us:

"(Rex) is as powerful as Richard Bandler but more social and less weird."
Lars Thomasson, Journalist, Sweden

"Rex teaches more than just the tools and techniques he teaches an attitude to life and a way to grow and get more of what you want."
Bob Winfield, Manager, Baltimore, MD

He doesn't just talk about fun & attitude, nor does he keep it all for himself. Rex shows you how to do it for yourself."
Jason McKenzie, Artistic Coordinator, Los Angeles, California

"I've done two practitioner programs and one other master practitioner course (all with other trainers), and I can honestly say that ONLY NOW DO I FEEL AS THOUGH I HAVE THE SKILLS, the attitude, and the condition to make my life a portrait..."
Dyanne Wilson, Figure Skating Coach, Canada

"In a word...amazing."
Ron Thornton, Designer, Valencia, CA

If you don't want just an adequate training, but one where you learn to feel your body, mind and spirit move in ways totally in line and congruent with who you are, you can't afford to not be here."
Gene Bryson, Assistant District Attorney, Shreveport, LA

"My life is not going to be the same (as) before, because now I know that I have all the resources I need to make my choices, and Rex has taught to me how to use them in such a wonderful way that... I can do of my life something really delightful. Thanks for ever."
Clara Mendoza de Falcon, Consultant & Trainer, Venezuela

"(Rex is) the best teacher of NLP I have ever experienced. He uses what he is teaching you while he's teaching it. My experiences that I have had will be with me for the rest of my life."
Kelli Krueger, Trainer, Waterloo, IA

Read complete student evaluations from every single seminar.

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