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Co-Sponsor a Training with IDEA Seminars

Co-Sponsoring a training is a great option for a first timer. IDEA Seminars will foot the bill for the entire event and you will profit in two ways. You will receive a commission for each person that you register and you will get to go for free. In return, you will do the logistical work of locating and negotiating with the venue, setting up the room, gathering the workshop materials, working in the back of the room during the training, and other on-location duties as they arise.

IDEA Seminars will only co-sponsor a certain number of events per year. It is important to contact us as soon as possible with your ideas. Be prepared to present your seminar plan in a businesslike proposal. Let us know why you think it will work and how many people you think you can recruit.

6-12 Months Ahead...
Select Program and Dates
Select the skillshop or training program you think would be most popular with the people you have in mind. See the enclosed skillshop and training program list. Contact IDEA Seminars to select available tentative dates. IDEA Seminars will hold tentative dates for a period of 30 days, after which, 5 people must have deposits paid for the training to go ahead. For certification programs, we recommend planning 6 months to a year in advance.

Preliminary Commitments
For IDEA Seminars to co-sponsor an event with you, you need to have a commitment and deposit from at least 5 people who will attend the training. This will help to cover costs and provide a good base on which to begin marketing the event. Deposits are refundable up until 10 weeks before the training at which point they become non-refundable.

Sign Agreement and Send Deposit
Send a signed copy of the co-sponsorship agreement and have your 5 students make their deposits. IDEA Seminars will then begin to promote your seminar on our web site and in our mailings.

Reserve Seminar Facilities and Accommodations
Locate and reserve seminar room space and sleeping rooms for yourself and the trainer/s. "Block" sleeping rooms for the students as well. Most hotels will give you a discount on the seminar room if a number of your participants stay in the sleeping rooms - negotiate the best rate (IDEA Seminars can help). Location needs to be convenient for your participants and/or an attractive resort/vacation destination.

Promote the Course
This is the most important step. The more people you enroll, the more money you will make and the more successful the course will be.

IDEA Seminars will provide you with catalogs and brochures for your event. Mail or give these out to your prospects. You may create your own if you like from our samples or ad copy. All advertisements and brochures and mailers must be approved by IDEA Seminars before release.

Personal phone calls and e-mail to your friends, family and business associates is the best way to get students.

The absolutely most effective way to overflow a skillshop is with FREE publicity in the form of radio shows, local TV and printed stories in magazines, or newspapers. IDEA Seminars must approve of any press releases that you mail to these media sources. Media contact lists can be found at your local library. Rex Steven Sikes is available for interviews over the telephone if unavailable in person.

1 Month Ahead...
Read Over the Seminar Checklist
Check to be sure that you have everything needed for the seminar. Call IDEA Seminars and go over everything to make sure the event will be successful.

You will receive a commission check one month after the seminar ends. This check will be 10% of tuition collected from each student that registered because of your efforts. If the student is already on our mailing list and our records indicate that we have spoken to them several times, but you have "closed" them, the commission will be 5%. If they are already on our mailing list and there are no records to indicate any contact other than occasional mailing pieces, then your commission will be the full amount. If the student is a past IDEA Seminars participant, and you "closed" them, your commission is 5%. For all other students that register through IDEA Seminars marketing efforts, there will be no commission.

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