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Marketing Support for Sponsors

IDEA Seminars will provide free marketing services to those individuals and groups who sponsor events. We want your event to be a success!

Web Site
IDEA Seminars will list your event on our web site's calendar of events. We will also link your e-mail address and/or your web site to the event so that people can contact you directly when they are looking for the training.

Mailing Lists
IDEA Seminars will provide you with a one time use of our mailing list and/or e-mailing list. The snail mail list can be sorted by those in your immediate zip codes or the entire list can be used. These lists can only be used one time for the purpose of soliciting your IDEA Seminar event! The lists cannot be sold, rented or given to any other third party. In return, IDEA Seminars will request a copy of your mailing list or list of contacts.

Daily Mailing
We will add your event along with your phone number and/or e-mail address to our calendar of events sheet which is mailed to customers in our catalog packet. These catalogs are mailed to individuals on a daily basis.

E-Mail Newsletters and Sales Letters
Quarterly and sometimes more often, IDEA Seminars e-mails newsletters and promotional letters to our e-mail list. Not only will we will include your event in these letters, you can write a letter specifically for your list and we will mail it out.

Schedule Postcards
We will list your seminar on any schedule postcards that we mail.

800 Number Phone Calls
When prospective students call our 800 number, we will answer all their questions and sell them on the seminars, whether they are IDEA Seminars sponsored events or your sponsored event.

When prospective students inquire about your program, we will refer them to you either via e-mail or phone.

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