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Give Yourself 4 Days of Total Focus to Stop Negative Thoughts and Develop the Habits & Attitudes You Need to Make Your Life Happier, More Loving, More Optimistic and Exciting!

The Ultimate 4-Day Personal Growth Experience!

Do you want to be happier, more loving to those around you, more at peace with yourself, more optimistic and confident at work? Do you want to stop negative thoughts, procrastination, bad habits, and boredom? If you answer is yes, take a few minutes now and consider taking this four day program, then register today.

The Ultimate Personal Growth Experience is a very powerful weekend program designed for first-time students wanting to experience life-changing training with Rex Steven Sikes.

" I don't think there is any area of my life that won't be affected."

Ken Hoffman, Copywriter/Musician, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In just four days, you can use this seminar as an experience to turn your life around, to change your outlook and focus in life. You will learn a phenomenal technique for focusing on the positive aspects of life, discover how to stop sabbotoging yourself and instead, to direct your thoughts toward success, joy and happiness. You will find out how to deliberately choose to be happy, playful, centered and in harmony with life.

Will I learn NLP in this seminar?

Parts of this seminar will give you an introduction to NLP, but it will NOT be a dry, intellectual discussion of it. If you want to get a basic introduction to the theories and concepts of NLP, we can recommend books for you to read. Instead, this workshop is the brain child of Rex Steven Sikes where he shares with you all of his most powerful methods for personal growth which he has discovered and developed over the past 17 years, including NLP, Brain Based Learning, and other methods.

Is there a prerequisite?

There is no prerequisite for this program. If you are not yet ready to take an entire 10 day program, this training is a great beginning for you and a complete experience in and of itself.

Course Content

  • Positive Life Focus: Asking New Questions
    Find out how to direct your mind by asking questions that lead you to focus on the positive.
  • Add Novelty
    96% of the thoughts you had today were the thoughts you had yesterday! Learn how to break out of you old thought patterns and add novelty and excitement to your life.
  • Letting Go of Judgements
    Judgements can cause serious communication problems and emotional instability. Discover how much joy and appreciation you can feel for others and yourself when you let go of judgements.
  • Learning Playfulness
    Playfulness and humor are the spice of life, but if you are serious and rigid, you won't enjoy life to it's fullest potential. Learn how to have more fun in life and lighten up.
  • Becoming Happy
    We all want more happiness in life, but how? Come to this seminar and discover the secrets of how to be happy.
  • Stop Old Negative Thoughts and Behaviors
    Everybody wants to change something about themselves. This seminar holds the key to making those changes.
  • Achieve Emotional Freedom
    Learn how to choose your emotional states and stop being a victim of how you feel.

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