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The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Education™, with NLP Practitioner Certification
Attention NLP Novice! You have dreamt about it, now it is time to do it! Devote yourself to 10 days of total immersion in the ultimate NLP education; the most powerful growth experience of your life!

The Ultimate 10-Day Modeling Course™, with NLP Master Practitioner Certification
If this stuff isn't about making your life happier and easier, then what is for anyway? In this course, you will learn how to model USEFUL skills like happiness, persuasion, humor, spiritual fulfillment, and attitude. When it comes to making your life more of what you want, what could be more important than these?

The Ultimate 5-Day Trainers' Training™
If you are a public speaker, teacher, consultant, attorney, salesperson, clergy member, actor, trainter, NLP Trainer wanna-be, or just want to dramatically improve your speaking skills (or get over your fear/hesitation of public speaking), then you're gonna love this course.

How To Get People To Do What You Want Without
Begging, Pleading, Guilt-tripping or Nagging

The Ultimate 4-Day Personal Growth Experience™
Give Yourself 4 Days of Total Focus to Stop Negative Thoughts and Develop the Habits & Attitudes You Need to Make Your Life Happier, More Loving, More Optimistic and Exciting!


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