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If this stuff isn't about making your life happier and easier, then what is it for? In this course, you will learn how to model USEFUL skills like happiness, persuasion, humor, spiritual fulfillment, and attitude. When it comes to making your life more of what you want, what could be more important than these?

The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Modeling Course™
...with Master Practitioner Certification

"You must fully experience it to really appreciate the impact it will have on your life."

Jeff Turner, Director, Marketing, Pleasanton, California

If you are disappointed that most NLP trainings focus on therapeutic techniques, then this is the training you have been waiting for. High quality, cutting-edge modeling at an accelerated pace. And I'm not talking about eliciting the one tiny, itsy-bitsy strategy of some dead guy - I am talking about modeling the life skills you want now from people who are out there doing it. You will model from video tapes of laser-sharp attorneys, actors, trainers and comedians - people who have the attitude and perseverance to make life fulfilling and full of fun and humor.

If you want slow, lecture-style training with 2 hour exercises, then go somewhere else. The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Modeling Course™ is a fast-paced, thrilling adventure into the structure of our experience: how to model excellence and GET RESULTS! You will master the secrets known only to a select group of people in the field of NLP by attending this program and be certified as a Master Practitioner (if you qualify).

"IDEA Seminars brings just the right mix of drama, energy, and sense of wonder to each moment."

Sue Jobe, Psychologist, West Palm Beach, Florida

FINALLY, GET THE RESULTS YOU EXPECTED TO GET FROM NLP IN THE FIRST PLACE: change those beliefs that still get in the way, get control over your emotions, stop procrastinating, find your spiritual path, create happiness in your relationships, model the skills you want and get the results you are after, persuade others with amazing quickness and skill, spread joy and love to those who touch your life...

Devote yourself to the 10-Day immersion experience of a lifetime. Sign up NOW, you deserve it and you owe it to your family and friends. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Master Practitioner courses out there that just rehash Practitioner training, or those that simply teach you new "techniques" or "patterns". When you take The Ultimate 10-Day Modeling Course™, you will get skills that will directly and dynamically impact your life! You will discover how to install positive states, how the Meta Model really works, and how to use language patterns artistically. You will make your work elegant and graceful. You will build powerful persuasion tactics without being pushy and find out how to recognize and package Meta Programs. And much, much more!

"I learned so many new concepts, skills and attitudes that elevated me to a new level. "

Paul Smith, Accountant, El Segundo, California

This training is designed to assist you in achieving superior levels of skill in NLP, especially in the area of language and belief change, to help you transfer the NLP skills into your daily life and work. Imagine becoming a true artist in NLP, reaching the outer limits of your map and going beyond!

Is there a prerequisite to The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Modeling Course™?
NLP Practitioner Certification is required. In some cases, you may be allowed to attend this program without a Practitioner certificate if your background in NLP is significant. E-mail carolyn@idea-seminars.com for all questions regarding this. We highly recommend this program if you have already been certified as a Master Practitioner, and you want to explore modeling rather than just techniques. (In fact, if you've already been certified as a Master Practitioner with another organization, just let us know, and we will give you 50% off of this course!!!!)

Course content
  • The NLP Attitude: Curiosity & Experimentation
  • Learning Model: "The Mastery Loop™"
  • Packaging Meta Programs and Sorting Styles
  • Advanced Meta Model & Advanced Modeling
  • Advanced Language Patterns: Milton Model
  • Stacking Presuppositions & Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  • Advanced Submodalities
  • The Structure of Beliefs
  • Complex Equivalence & Cause/Effect
  • Advanced Criteria & Hierarchy
  • Logical Levels of Beliefs & Logical Levels of NLP
  • Much, much, much, much more!!!

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