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Attention NLP Novice! You have dreamt about it, now it is time to do it! Devote yourself to 10-days of total immersion in the ultimate NLP education; the most powerful growth experience of your life!

The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Education™
...with Practitioner Certification

"If you are looking for a way to intensify the enrichment in your life then this is it."

Richard Fitzwell, Madison Heights, Michigan

This IS the ultimate NLP education! Register now for 10 days of total NLP; the most in-depth training you can get from Master Trainer Rex Steven Sikes. By taking this program, you will learn all the basic skills necessary to use NLP at home and at work with total expertise. Once and for all, get rid of all those old issues you've been carrying around. You'll become a state-of-the-art communication and relationship expert, resolve problems with ease, persuade others with amazing quickness and skill, and be able to spread more joy and love to those who touch your life. You will become the master of yourself, getting control over that gray matter between your ears for lifelong happiness and success.

exercise.gif Find out why people from places like England, Japan, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and all over the U.S. fly to Milwaukee every year to attend IDEA Seminars. They come because they want to learn the most powerful, revolutionary material from the master, Rex Steven Sikes!

How You will Benefit by The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Education™

  • Tremendous personal growth
  • Eliminate stress, fears and anxiety
  • More loving and supportive relationships
  • Get control over your emotions, stopping them from controlling you
  • Create physical well-being and vitality
  • Have personal freedom and choice, free of judgments from yourself and others
  • Inviting love into your life and returning it honestly and openly
  • Break the cycle of ineffective parenting and become loving and effective with your family
  • Create attention, leadership and respect

Training Content

  • Attitude: The essential element of success
  • The Mastery Loop™: Lifelong learning strategy
  • Rapport: Influencing others with laser-like precision
  • Dynamite ways for dealing with difficult people
  • Powerful Persuasion: The Milton Model
  • Goals: Set directions with your life & get results
  • Adding more humor and zest in your life
  • Submodalities: Get control of thoughts & feelings
  • The mind/body connection
  • Changing belief systems: eliminating roadblocks
  • Gathering Precise Information: The Meta Model
  • Relationships: business and personal success
  • Romance strategies for couples and singles
  • And much more!

Is there a prerequisite to The Ultimate 10-Day NLP Education?

There is no prerequisite for this program. This course is for you when you strongly desire to make NLP become a part of your natural behavior and develop outstanding life skills you need. This program goes beyond what you've read in books or listened to in tape programs and covers material never before published! This is the next step if you are new to NLP or if you have listened to Rex on tape, attended one of our introductory programs or home study packages, taken any other NLP introductory seminar, or an Anthony Robbins seminar. Those who benefit most from this program are those who want to be happier and more effective, those who work in a profession where your livelihood depends upon your relationships with others, and those who are at a turning point in life or career. (If you've already been certified as a Practitioner with another organization, just let us know, and we will give you 50% off of this course!!!!)

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