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If you are a public speaker, teacher, consultant, attorney, salesperson, clergy member, actor, trainer, NLP Trainer wanna-be, or just want to dramatically improve your speaking skills (or get over your fear/hesitation of public speaking) Then you're gonna love this course.

The Ultimate 5-Day Trainer's Training™

Only 15 people are accepted in the class, so you must register early (recommend 4-6 months)!!!!

"For all of the new and wonderful possibilities that I now see before me, I'll be thanking Rex & Carolyn for the rest of my life."

Daniel Pollack, Entertainer, Sussex, Wisconsin

Only 15 participants are allowed? Why? Because you are going to get the most incredible amount of personal attention, heapings of coaching and feedback, loads of time in front of the group, quantity and quality feedback so that you will dramatically and measurably increase your training abilities and skills.

What makes this course totally different?

  • 15 to 1 personalized attention
  • Personalized voice training from a professional voice coach
  • Video tape feedback
  • Emphasis on positive feedback, what you CAN do to improve rather than what you did wrong
  • Emphasis on stage presence and charisma
  • Modeling comedians
  • Possibility for internship with IDEA Seminars

Course Content

Note: Course content could change depending upon student needs and desires.

I. Overcoming Hesitation & Building Potent States

Public speaking is the number one fear in the United States and even those without the fear sometimes feel "butterflies" just before going on stage. Whether you are a seasoned public speaker or whether you've never gotten on stage before, you'll learn how to build powerful internal states before you "go on" so that your presentations become totally dynamic. You will discover the structure of charisma and how to "turn on" and go into "up-time" automatically even when you don't feel like it. An excellent trainer needs one of two things: either total self-confidence so they can let it all hang out or a reliable "trainer hat" that can be taken on or off. Either one you decide upon, you will learn to build resource states using DHE™ and NLP to take your training to new heights of excellence.

II. Voice Control Training

Your tonality, tempo and rhythm are essential to creating impact in the training environment. With personal coaching by our professional voice trainer, you will learn how to improve your tone for maximum effect. Rhythm is a very important part of learning. (Remember how you first learned your ABC's?) In this training, special emphasis is placed on acquiring the ability to speak rhythmically; first, to the beat of music; and eventually, speaking rhythmically without music. You will also discover how to actually aim your sound waves to flow in a specific direction. This is a powerful way to covertly deliver a special message to a member of your audience.

III. Eliciting Powerful Emotional States & Chaining

You will mesmerize your audience into resourceful states and chain the states together to create movement and motivation. When they feel great, they will enjoy your training more.

IV. Accelerated Learning, The Discovery Method, Stories & Metaphor

You will experience methods for aligning both conscious and unconscious processing for whole brain learning. You will be exposed to Rex's untraditional approach to accelerated learning as well as the Discovery Method of training.

V. Framing, Chunking & Sequencing Material, and The Mastery Loop™

One of the most important aspects in training is framing the material you are about to teach to avoid confusion and aid in motivation for learning. You will learn to use The Mastery Loop™, developed by Rex Steven Sikes, to help your audience integrate your teachings into their everyday life. You'll use chunking to appeal to learning styles of each individual and the group, and learn to sequence your material so that it flows logically and gracefully.

VI. Stage Presence and Charisma

With Rex's background in acting, he will teach you how to walk, talk, stand, and sit so that you create a stage presence and have dynamic charisma.

VII. Anchoring: Spatially, Visually, and Auditorily

You will learn how to mark out and anchor your audience using your tone and volume without being obvious. Combine your auditory anchors with the visual and spatially mark it all out to literally lock in audience response.

VIII. Modeling Comedians and Master Trainers

You will have the opportunity to model via video tape famous trainers and comedians to uncover the structure of what they are doing. We will pause, rewind and fast forward tapes so that you can unpack body movements, anchoring, tonality, language patterns, the structure of humor and more.

"I've never experienced a trainer with such an unconditional commitment for his students to fuse them to grow and to get in touch with the inner resources in order to use them fully."

Helmar Steinberg, Pinneberg, Germany

We often play tapes late into the night for those who want to squeeze every last drop of knowledge from the training.

IX. Use of Video Taping

You will have the opportunity to be filmed while giving a presentation to the group. The group and trainer will then give you suggestions and feedback for what you can do to improve yourself. This is a very, very important part of the training because with the feedback, you have the opportunity to make incredible changes in your behavior. We will make you a video tape that you can take home with you as well.

Contact us for more information!

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